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Cockpit USA: From military to fashion, the charm of history and heritage

Cockpit USA is an American aviation apparel brand with 40 years of heritage. It was founded in 1975 and is headquartered in New York City, USA. The brand is world-renowned for its classic aviation-inspired apparel. Its products are widely used in military and civil aviation fields and are highly sought after by pilots, aviation enthusiasts and fashionistas.


A-2 pilot leather jacket-TOKYO RAIDERS, Premium Horse Hide Leather

Cockpit USA insists on producing high-quality, practical products with historical and cultural value. Its products are not only closely connected with fashion trends, but also committed to preserving and inheriting the rich history and tradition of American military and aviation apparel. Nearly all of the brand's products are made in the United States, and many materials are sourced domestically to ensure product quality and authenticity. Cockpit USA's classic works include G-1, B-3, A-2 and MA-1 series of flight jackets. The design of these jackets retains the traditional style of American pilots, presenting a fashionable and traditional aesthetic, and is of high quality. . In addition to flight jackets, Cockpit USA also produces a variety of apparel and accessories inspired by military and aviation history, such as flight suits, parkas and more.

a-2 leather jacket

1940s A-2 Pilot's Leather Jacket - FLYING TIGER 23RD "AVG", Premium Horse Hide Leather


Since 1980, Cockpit USA has become one of the official authorized suppliers of the U.S. Air Force, Navy, Army and NASA, producing a variety of aviation apparel and accessories for Air Force pilots and drivers. Because Cockpit USA's product designs are so close to American military history and tradition, its products often appear in movies and other media. Among them, one of the most famous examples is the movie "Top Gun" released in 1986 and the movie "Top Gun: Maverick" released in 2022, worn by the protagonist Maverick (Tom Cruise) G-1 and 36-P flight jackets.


top gun 36p top gun jacket

Top Gun 36p flight jacket

Cockpit USA Not only do their products often appear in movies and TV series, they are often sought after in the fashion industry and among celebrities. For example, Sylvester Stallone wore an early version of the Champ jacket in Rocky IV, Presidents Bush and Obama wore A-2 flight jackets on Air Force One, and Beyoncé wore one during her world tour. Wearing Cockpit USA clothing in the video. Additionally, Drake wore a hooded B-3 jacket on the cover of Toronto, and Tom Hardy wore an RAF fleece jacket on the cover of Esquire magazine.

With a dedication to historic authenticity and high quality, Cockpit USA's products preserve the rich history and tradition of American military and aviation apparel while incorporating elements of modern fashion. This unique style makes Cockpit USA's products a perfect blend of history and modernity, loved and respected by pilots, aviation fans and fashion enthusiasts.

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