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Cockpit Top Gun Maverick G-1 Leather Flight Jacket

Cockpit Top Gun Maverick G-1 Leather Flight Jacket

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This G-1 flight jacket is not only a classic piece in the movies TOP GUN and TOP GUN: Maverick, but it is also manufactured by the official supplier of American military leather jacketsCockpit USA. This renowned manufacturer not only provided the authentic G-1 leather jackets for the movies but has also been a long-term supplier of high-quality flight jackets to the U.S. military. Each G-1 leather jacket is a perfect blend of craftsmanship and history, showcasing exceptional quality and durability. The use of vegetable-tanned goat leather retains the traditional style while exuding a unique charm and texture, making it an excellent choice for those with refined taste.

  • A dual style of original movie and military: As the original supplier for "Top Gun" and a long-term partner of the U.S. military, Cockpit USA's TOP GUN G-1 leather jacket merges movie legend with military practicality.

  • Made in the USA, extraordinary quality: Carefully crafted in the USA, every detail reflects stringent craftsmanship and exceptional quality standards.

  • High-quality vegetable-tanned leather: Using environmentally friendly traditional vegetable tanning processes, the leather maintains high quality without harmful chemicals, preserving the leather's toughness and its unique marks and aroma over time.

  • Art pieces rich in details: Each jacket features 17 embroidered patches and a USN anchor pin, faithfully reproducing the original design from the movie, making it a part of U.S. Navy aviator and movie history.

  • Vintage charm: This jacket was first introduced in 1985 and made its debut in the classic movie "Top Gun". Based on early 1960s design specifications, the jacket features a light brown antique sheep wool collar, with the leather and patches undergoing special vintage processing to display a worn gloss, adding to its uniqueness.

1. Is the "Cockpit Top Gun G-1 Naval Aviator Leather Jacket" the original style from the movie?

YES! In the Top Gun movies, the classic G-1 leather jackets and CWU-36/P pilot jackets worn by Maverick (Tom Cruise) were manufactured by the professional military leather jacket manufacturer Cockpit USA, and we are Cockpit USA's official retailer for over 30 years, offering the most authentic version!

2. Where is it manufactured?
Cockpit USA products are made in the USA and shipped directly to Hong Kong.^_^

3. What type of leather is the jacket made of?
Veg Tanned Goatskin: Leather tanned with plant-based tannins extracted from fruits and vegetables, completely opposite to chemical chrome tanning, contains no harmful chemicals, preserving the leather's toughness and its unique marks and aroma over time.

4. Does it come with patches and badges when ordered?
YES! The purchase price includes all original patch designs, with 17 unique patches and 1 USN badge included

4. How long is the delivery period?

Brand new stock available, shipped within 1-3 business days.
**Some sizes require pre-order, which can take about 8-12 weeks

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