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Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P Flight Jacket

Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P Flight Jacket

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The Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P flight jacket is not only an iconic outfit from the Top Gun series movies but also the summer flight jacket of choice long relied upon by U.S. military pilots. As the official supplier of the TOP GUN movie and a long-term partner of the U.S. military, this flight jacket made by Cockpit in the USA combines movie classics with military practicality. Made of high-quality nylon twill fabric and featuring an exclusive Cockpit USA-designed lining, every CWU 36P jacket showcases a commitment to traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit of taste.

  • The choice of movies and the U.S. military: As the designated supplier for the TOP GUN series and the U.S. military, Cockpit USA ensures the jacket's authenticity and professional quality.

  • High-quality nylon twill fabric: Nylon twill fabric designed for professional pilots, durable and lightweight, suitable for all-weather use.

  • Original movie design: From Velcro patches to tailoring, every detail is faithful to the original design of Top Gun.

  • Cockpit USA exclusive lining: Exclusive lining design and VX-31 silkscreen printing add extraordinary artistic value to the jacket.

  • Made in the USA, excellent quality: Each CWU-36/P flight jacket is manufactured in the USA, reaching very high standards in quality and craftsmanship.

1. Is the ‘Movie Hero’ CWU-36/P the original style from the movie?

YES! In the Top Gun movies, the classic G-1 leather jackets and CWU-36/P pilot jackets worn by Maverick (Tom Cruise) were manufactured by the professional military leather jacket manufacturer Cockpit USA, and the base is indeed the official authorized retailer of Cockpit USA for over 30 years, offering the most authentic version!

2. Where is it manufactured?

Made in the USA, shipped directly to Hong Kong^_^

3. Does it come with patches and badges when purchased?

YES! Includes all original patch designs: Patches are removable, Cockpit USA CWU36P pilot jacket accessories include original Velcro patches, VX-31, USN Fighter Weapons School, American flag, and leather Cockpit USA patch

4. How long is the delivery period?

Brand new stock available, shipped within 1-3 business days

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^Cockpit USA Official Authorization Certificate

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