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Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P Flight Jacket

Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P Flight Jacket

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The Cockpit "Top Gun" CWU 36P Pilot Jacket isn't just an iconic piece from the "Top Gun" movie series; it's also a preferred summer jacket among U.S. military pilots. As the authorized supplier for both the movie franchise and the U.S. military, Cockpit USA's craftsmanship in this flight jacket marries cinematic elegance with military functionality. Each CWU 36P jacket, crafted from premium-quality nylon twill fabric and featuring a distinct Cockpit USA-designed lining, epitomizes a dedication to traditional craftsmanship and a quest for sophistication.

Key Features:

  • Preferred by Movie and Military: Cockpit USA is the official supplier for "Top Gun" and the U.S. military, ensuring the jacket's authenticity and superior quality.

  • Premium Nylon Twill Fabric: Tailored for professional pilots, this robust, lightweight fabric is versatile for various weather conditions.

  • Authentic Movie Design: Every detail, from Velcro patches to unique badges, is a true representation of the original "Top Gun" design.

  • Signature Cockpit USA Lining: The exclusive lining design and VX-31 silk-screen print add remarkable artistic flair to the jacket.

  • American Craftsmanship, Superior Quality: Each CWU-36/P flight jacket is American-made, attaining the highest standards in quality and craftsmanship.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the 'Movie Hero' CWU-36/P the actual style from the film?

    YES! In Top Gun, Tom Cruise's Maverick sports the classic G-1 leather and CWU-36/P pilot jackets, both manufactured by Cockpit USA, a professional military leather jacket maker. The Base is an officially authorized retailer by Cockpit USA for over 30 years, offering the most authentic version.

  2. Where is it made?

    Crafted in the USA and directly air-shipped to Hong Kong ^_^

  3. Does it come with patches and badges?

    YES! It includes all original patch designs. The patches are removable, and the Cockpit USA CWU36P pilot jacket comes with original Velcro patches, VX-31, USN Fighter Weapons School, the American flag, and a leather Cockpit USA badge.

  4. What is the delivery timeframe?

    In-stock items are available for immediate purchase, with delivery within 1-3 business days.

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