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Cockpit USA B-15 Bomber Jacket

Cockpit USA B-15 Bomber Jacket

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The B-15 flight jacket, originating from the Korean War between 1950 and 1954, provided exceptional warmth and flexibility for jet and bomber pilots. Cockpit USA adheres to traditional craftsmanship, made in the USA, faithfully replicating this classic jacket from the zipper sleeve pen pocket to the synthetic fur collar, from the leather oxygen tab to the slant pockets, every detail embodies unique craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Whether as a travel companion or a top choice for daily wear, its lightweight and portable characteristics, along with a multifunctional design, make it a rare classic choice.

  • Quality Assurance of American Original Manufacturing
    Each B-15 jacket is handcrafted by American artisans following the strictest standards, from material selection to the completion of the garment, every step represents the legacy of quality and tradition.

  • Top Military Spec Nylon Flight Satin
    Made with military-spec nylon flight satin, this material is not only durable and windproof but effectively protects the wearer from the cold, while also maintaining the jacket's lightness and flexibility, ensuring good performance even under harsh conditions.

  • Polyester Fiber Filling Layer
    The built-in polyester fiber filling layer provides additional warmth, its lightweight nature ensures warmth without the extra burden, allowing the wearer to enjoy comfort and freedom in cold weather.

  • Multifunctional Pocket Design
    The classic zipper sleeve pen pocket, convenient front slant pockets, and internal chest pocket design, not only pay homage to the original military design but also bring convenience to modern life, greatly enhancing the jacket's practicality.

  • Military Details
    Details including windproof zippers, snap-side entry pockets, knit cuffs, and waistbands, all showcase the pursuit of comfort and functionality. The embroidered Air Force wing star badge adds a rich military history atmosphere to the jacket.

  • Classic 1950s Military Colors
    Offers options in 1950s American "Air Force Blue" and "Early Air Force Olive", catering to different styles and preferences.

    ***For orders of specific out-of-stock sizes, feel free to inquire via WhatsApp/email.***

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