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Zippo Pipe Insert

Zippo Pipe Insert

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Designed specifically for pipe enthusiasts, the Zippo Pipe Lighter Insert offers an unmatched experience. This insert is engineered for an ideal flame draw, perfectly fitting your favorite classic Zippo lighter case (sold separately). Packaged in a gift box, it's perfect for personal use or as a thoughtful gift. For optimal performance, we recommend using Zippo genuine lighter fluid.

  • Interchangeable Design:Compatible with traditional Zippo lighter inserts, excluding Slim or 1935 Replica cases, it offers versatility for various occasions.

  • Distinctive Zippo "Click":Experience the satisfying Zippo "click" every time you open the Zippo Pipe Lighter Insert, adding joy to its use.

  • All-Metal Construction:Its sturdy all-metal construction, combined with a windproof design, allows for easy lighting in almost any environment.

  • Refillable for Lifetime Use:The Zippo Pipe Lighter Insert is refillable, ensuring longevity. For the best performance, we recommend using Zippo genuine fuel, flints, and wicks.

  • Made in the USA, Lifetime Guarantee:All Zippo Pipe Lighter Inserts are made in the USA and come with a lifetime guarantee, offering peace of mind with your purchase.

  • Recommended Zippo Lighter Fuel:For optimal use, pairing with Zippo genuine lighter fuel ensures your lighter is always in top condition.
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美國製造的 Zippo 打火機,擁有超過90年的歷史,以卓越的耐用性和可靠性而聞名。其防風設計確保了火焰在惡劣環境下的穩定性,成為軍事、戰術、戶外和時尚用家的理想選擇。獨特的外觀與豐富的款式使其不僅是實用工具,更是您時尚配件。

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