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Zippo 守護者防風火機:1961年安東尼子彈徽章 #82

Zippo 守護者防風火機:1961年安東尼子彈徽章 #82

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一枚子彈、一個Zippo®火機,及一段傳奇的故事。1961年1月12日,當子彈在越南戰場直接射到安東尼(Anthony)左胸口袋中的 Zippo®火機時,雖然火機被撞得凹陷,但它卻救了安東尼一命。這款美國製造限量版 Zippo® 防風火機,裝飾了逼真的子彈徽章,延續了這位「守護者」的傳奇故事。

  • 正品 Zippo 防風打火機,帶有獨特的 Zippo“咔噠聲”
  • 獨特機身編號
  • 全金屬結構
  • 防風設計,幾乎適用於任何地方
  • 可重複填充,終生使用。 為了獲得最佳性能,我們推薦使用正品 Zippo 燃料、打火石和燈芯
  • 美國製造,終身保證
  • 燃料:Zippo 打火機燃料(另外單獨出售)


A bullet, a Zippo® lighter, and a story that's been whispered through the annals of time. Back on January 12, 1961, as the bullets soared in the fields of Vietnam, one found its mark, not in the heart of Anthony, but in the pocketed Zippo® lighter he held close. That dented lighter didn't just spark a flame, it saved a life. Today, we bring to you a limited-edition, American-made Zippo® windproof lighter, bearing the emblematic bullet badge and keeping the legend alive.

  • Genuine Zippo Windproof Lighter
    The distinct sound of a Zippo—its signature "click"—isn't just about lighting up; it's about reliving a tradition. Be part of it.
  • Full Metal Masterpiece
    Crafted with precision and designed for durability. A metallic treasure that tells tales of valor and survival.

  • Defying the Winds
    Its windproof design ensures you have a flame, almost anywhere. From calm nights to stormy days, your Zippo® stands resilient.

  • Refill, Relight, Reuse
    Designed for a lifetime. With the option to refill, this Zippo® is not just a purchase, it's an investment. For optimal performance, pair with authentic Zippo fuel, flints, and wicks.

  • Made in the USA with a Lifetime Warranty
    American craftsmanship promises not just quality but a bond. Hold a Zippo®, and you hold a promise for life.

  • Fueling the Flame
    Powered by Zippo® lighter fluid (not included, sold separately), ensuring a long-lasting, bright flame.

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美國製造的 Zippo 打火機,擁有超過90年的歷史,以卓越的耐用性和可靠性而聞名。其防風設計確保了火焰在惡劣環境下的穩定性,成為軍事、戰術、戶外和時尚用家的理想選擇。獨特的外觀與豐富的款式使其不僅是實用工具,更是您時尚配件。

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