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Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

Zippo Flex Neck Utility Lighter

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Facing strong winds, igniting a flame has never been easier. The Flex Neck lighter, featuring cutting-edge dual flame technology, ensures a stable flame under any weather condition. Its unique flexible neck design allows precise direction of heat to any needed area. The slender nozzle is perfect for lanterns, camping stoves, and other tight spaces, making lighting candles, barbecue grills, and more, a breeze. Its robust all-metal construction offers exceptional durability. For optimal performance, it is recommended to refill this unfilled Flex Neck lighter with Zippo butane fuel.


  • Durable Metal Construction
    Made with high-quality metal, it is highly durable and can withstand the wear and tear of daily use, providing reliable support for Hong Kong's outdoor activities and household needs.

  • Wind-resistant Dual Flame Technology
    Equipped with innovative dual flame technology, it maintains a stable burn even in windy conditions, ensuring easy lighting under various weather conditions.

  • Adjustable Flame and Flexible Neck
    Comes with an adjustable flame control knob and a flexible neck, allowing easy adjustment of flame size and precise control of heat direction to suit different lighting needs.

  • Patented Child Safety Lock and One-handed Operation
    Features a patented child safety lock and a one-handed operation switch, ensuring safety while enhancing convenience during use.

  • Recommended Zippo Butane Fuel
    For best performance, the use of Zippo's specialized butane fuel is recommended, please note, the product does not include fuel when shipped.
  • Product Specifications
    Height: 11.8 inches
    Width: 1.2 inches
    Depth: 0.8 inches
    Weight: 0.3 pounds
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美國製造的 Zippo 打火機,擁有超過90年的歷史,以卓越的耐用性和可靠性而聞名。其防風設計確保了火焰在惡劣環境下的穩定性,成為軍事、戰術、戶外和時尚用家的理想選擇。獨特的外觀與豐富的款式使其不僅是實用工具,更是您時尚配件。

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