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Zippo 防風打火機:獨特紫外線技術的大猩猩

Zippo 防風打火機:獨特紫外線技術的大猩猩

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體驗一種全新的Zippo 打火機,其設計中的大猩猩悠然享受大麻葉,並在紫外線下發光,帶來令人驚嘆的效果。


  • 這款打火機特色是一隻時尚的大猩猩,在一片大麻葉上悠然地吃草。


  • 透過Zippo 獨家的Black Light 加工技術,打火機在紫外線下可以發出光芒。

真品 Zippo打火機:

  • “咔噠聲”特色: Zippo 的獨特設計,每次打開都有其獨有的聲響
  • 全金屬結構: 堅固耐用,是真正的品質保證


  • 防風設計: 無論在哪裡,這款打火機都能完美工作
  • 為了最佳性能: 建議使用Zippo正品打火機燃料(需另外購買)、火石和火膽


  • 美國製造: 精湛的製作工藝和嚴格的品質控制
  • 終身保修: 一旦出現問題,Zippo承諾免費修復


  • 尺寸: 高度 - 2.25", 寬度 - 0.5", 深度 - 1.5"。
  • 重量: 僅重2.0 oz,輕便攜帶


Dive into a unique blend of contemporary artistry with Zippo’s one-of-a-kind lighter. Adorning the Black Matte surface, a stylish gorilla peacefully grazes on a cannabis leaf, brought to life with Zippo’s advanced Black Light process. When exposed to ultraviolet light, the design radiates an enchanting glow, becoming an instant conversation starter.

Exceptional Artistry:

  • Immerse yourself in the balanced symmetry of our Color Image design featuring a groovy gorilla indulging in the calming essence of a cannabis leaf.

Ultraviolet Excellence:

  • Experience the magic as the intricate design illuminates when subjected to ultraviolet light, all thanks to Zippo's proprietary Black Light technique.

Unmistakable Quality:

  • Feel the signature Zippo "click" and appreciate the all-metal construction, ensuring a windproof design that remains functional in virtually any environment.

Distinctly Zippo:

  • Iconic “Click”: Every flick evokes the unmistakable Zippo “click”, a sound synonymous with quality.
  • Metal Mastery: Crafted entirely from metal; its windproof design ensures it functions superbly, come rain or shine.

Performance and Longevity:

  • Refill to Relight: Built to last a lifetime. For optimal use, we advocate for Zippo's premium lighter fuel (sold seperately) , flints, and wicks.
  • Transatlantic Craftsmanship: Proudly made in the USA; backed by Zippo's promise: "Should it falter, we shall mend it, at no cost."

Specifications of the Torchbearer:

  • Dimensions: Stands at 2.25", with a breadth of 0.5" and a depth of 1.5".
  • Weight: A lightweight marvel at merely 2.0 Oz.

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      美國製造的 Zippo 打火機,擁有超過90年的歷史,以卓越的耐用性和可靠性而聞名。其防風設計確保了火焰在惡劣環境下的穩定性,成為軍事、戰術、戶外和時尚用家的理想選擇。獨特的外觀與豐富的款式使其不僅是實用工具,更是您時尚配件。

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