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Victorinox Multiclip in Silver

Victorinox Multiclip in Silver

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Victorinox Multiclip: Practical Belt Clip with Spring Hook

Secure your Victorinox tools safely to your belt with the Victorinox Multiclip. This belt clip is designed to ensure your Victorinox tools are securely attached to you, preventing loss even if they accidentally slip out of a pocket. When needed, simply detach the Multiclip from the belt to start working immediately. It's easy to operate, safe, and reliable.

  • Durable
    Made of stainless steel, the Multiclip guarantees high durability and a long lifespan.

  • Convenient Operation
    Its straightforward design makes it easy to install and remove, offering great convenience in use.

  • Easy to Carry
    Its lightweight design makes the Multiclip an ideal choice for daily carrying of Victorinox tools.

Product Details

Height 26 mm
Length 138 mm
Width 11 mm
Weight 38 grams
Material Stainless Steel
Color Grey

Maintenance Information
This product is protected by the Victorinox lifetime maintenance plan.

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Victorinox, renowned for over 130 years, epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and reliability. Famous for their Swiss Army Knives, they also excel in outdoor knives, travel gear, and military watches. Their products, celebrated for quality and elegant design, offer a blend of simplicity and style, perfect for both outdoor adventures and daily life.

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