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Victorinox Forester Wood [V82]

Victorinox Forester Wood [V82]

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Victorinox Forester Wood Swiss-Made Multitool: The Ideal Companion for Nature Exploration

The Victorinox Forester Wood is designed for nature enthusiasts and family outdoor activities, a Swiss-made multitool that integrates ten different functions. It combines practicality with natural beauty, featuring an elegant walnut wood handle that stands out during your exploration of nature. Whether you're embarking on a forest adventure or using it daily, Forester Wood is your dependable partner.

  • Designed for Nature Exploration
    Ideal for those who love the forest or spending time with family amidst the trees, providing a seamless experience with nature.

  • Ten Functions
    Includes a wood saw, lockable main blade, screwdriver, etc., meeting various outdoor or daily needs.

  • Elegant Walnut Wood Handle
    The handle is made from high-quality walnut wood, not only beautiful but also robust, reflecting a connection with nature.

  • Locking System Liner
    Ensures safety and stability while using any tool, giving you peace of mind for any function.

  • Easy to Carry and Use
    With its moderate size and weight, Forester Wood is easy to carry, making it an ideal choice for outdoor activities.

Victorinox Forester Wood Image

Tool Overview

Number Tool Name
1 Large Blade
2 Corkscrew
3 Can Opener | 3 mm Screwdriver
4 Lockable Bottle Opener | 7 mm Screwdriver | Wire Stripper
5 Wood Saw
6 Key Ring
7 Awl, Reamer

Product Dimension Details

Height 18 mm
Length 111 mm
Width 32 mm
Weight 126 grams

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Victorinox, renowned for over 130 years, epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and reliability. Famous for their Swiss Army Knives, they also excel in outdoor knives, travel gear, and military watches. Their products, celebrated for quality and elegant design, offer a blend of simplicity and style, perfect for both outdoor adventures and daily life.

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