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Victorinox Fisherman

Victorinox Fisherman

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Victorinox Fisherman: The Ultimate Tool for Fishing Enthusiasts

When you think of a Victorinox Swiss Army knife, you might associate it with its long-standing history and quality reputation. The Fisherman model continues this tradition, specifically tailored for fishing enthusiasts, featuring 18 practical functions including a fish scaler and a hook disgorger to ensure you have all you need for a successful fishing venture.

  • 18 Multifunctional Tools:
    Incorporates a large blade, small blade, bottle opener, scissors, fish scaler, and more, offering versatility to meet all your fishing needs.

  • Specialized Fishing Tools:
    The Fisherman provides specialized tools like a fish scaler and a hook disgorger, enhancing your efficiency and effectiveness during fishing activities.

  • Swiss-Made Quality Assurance:
    Constructed with high-quality ABS/cellidor material, coupled with Victorinox's meticulous craftsmanship, ensuring durability and reliability.

  • Portable Design:
    Lightweight and easy to carry, ideal for various fishing scenarios, making it a perfect choice for fishing enthusiasts.

Tool Overview:

Number Tool Name
1 Large blade
2 Small blade
3 Bottle opener | 3 mm screwdriver
4 Scissors
5 Fish scaler | Hook disgorger | Ruler (cm/inches)
6 Phillips screwdriver
7 Multi-purpose hook
8 Key ring
9 Toothpick
10 Tweezers

Product Dimensions:

Height: 22 mm
Length: 91 mm
Width: 27 mm
Weight: 113 g
Material: ABS/cellidor
Color: Red

Warranty Service:
Backed by Victorinox's lifetime warranty, the Fisherman is ready to support you on all your fishing adventures, ensuring you're prepared for any challenge.

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Victorinox, renowned for over 130 years, epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and reliability. Famous for their Swiss Army Knives, they also excel in outdoor knives, travel gear, and military watches. Their products, celebrated for quality and elegant design, offer a blend of simplicity and style, perfect for both outdoor adventures and daily life.

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