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Victorinox Classic SD : Bike Ride

Victorinox Classic SD : Bike Ride

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Victorinox Classic Limited Edition: A Unique Choice for Sports Enthusiasts

The Victorinox Classic Limited Edition pocket knife is a collective design chosen by our global fans, embodying a passion for sports. Each edition, meticulously crafted, represents various sports themes, infusing every adventure with energy and color. With seven practical functions, this knife is indispensable for daily use or outdoor activities.

  • Sports-Themed Limited Editions:
    Each design pays tribute to a specific sport, allowing you to express your style and passion in everyday life.

  • 7-Function Utility:
    Equipped with a small blade, scissors, nail file with screwdriver, etc., it meets your varied daily needs.

  • Swiss-Made Excellence:
    Chosen high-quality ABS/cellidor materials ensure durability, accompanying you on every adventure.

  • Compact and Portable:
    Its sleek design allows for easy storage in pockets or backpacks, making it an ideal companion for fishing enthusiasts.

Tool Overview

Number Tool Name
1 Small blade
2 Scissors
3 Nail file | 2.5 mm screwdriver
4 Key ring
5 Tweezers
6 Toothpick

Product Dimensions

Height: 9 mm
Length: 58 mm
Width: 18 mm
Weight: 21 g
Material: ABS/cellidor
Color: White

Warranty Service

Backed by Victorinox's lifetime warranty, the Classic Limited Edition is your dependable companion for daily life and adventurous journeys.

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Victorinox, renowned for over 130 years, epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and reliability. Famous for their Swiss Army Knives, they also excel in outdoor knives, travel gear, and military watches. Their products, celebrated for quality and elegant design, offer a blend of simplicity and style, perfect for both outdoor adventures and daily life.

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