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Victorinox Recruit

Victorinox Recruit

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Victorinox Recruit: Your Versatile Companion for Daily Tasks

When the call of the outdoors beckons, don't just listen—act. Step out and live life to the fullest with your Recruit pocket knife. Reliable and versatile, the Recruit stands ready for any task. Tuck it in your pocket and let it accompany you through every day's adventure.

  • 10-in-1 Multifunctional Design:
    Equipped with a large blade, small blade, can opener with a small screwdriver, etc., fulfilling a variety of your daily needs.

  • Ideal for Everyday Carry:
    Compact and portable, the Recruit is your perfect companion, whether tucked in a backpack or a rear pocket.

  • Exceptional Swiss Quality:
    Made from high-quality ABS/cellidor material, ensuring durability and functionality for long-term exploration.

  • Comprehensive Features:
    Whether opening bottles or screwing in bolts, the Recruit's tools are up for the task, adding convenience to your day.

Tool Overview:

Number Tool Name
1 Large Blade
2 Small Blade
3 Can Opener | 3 mm Screwdriver
4 Bottle Opener | 6 mm Screwdriver | Wire Stripper
5 Key Ring
6 Mini Pliers
7 Toothpick

Product Dimension Details:

Height: 15 mm
Length: 84 mm
Width: 23 mm
Weight: 48 g
Material: ABS/cellidor
Color: Red

Warranty Service:

With Victorinox's lifetime warranty, the Recruit is your dependable partner for daily tasks and adventurous journeys.

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Victorinox, renowned for over 130 years, epitomizes excellence in craftsmanship and reliability. Famous for their Swiss Army Knives, they also excel in outdoor knives, travel gear, and military watches. Their products, celebrated for quality and elegant design, offer a blend of simplicity and style, perfect for both outdoor adventures and daily life.

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