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[V1] Victorinox 急救夜光多用途工具 Rescue Tool

[V1] Victorinox 急救夜光多用途工具 Rescue Tool

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  • 此必備工具可在有緊急情況時擊破窗戶或切斷安全帶
  • 配備 13 種功能的瑞士製造袋裝刀
  • 包括安全帶切割刀、切開防碎玻璃用的圓盤鋸和破窗器。
商品編號 0.8623.MWN
高度 21.5 mm
長度 111 mm
重量 167 g
系列 -


Victorinox與專業救援人員經過多年研究,設計出 Rescue Tool 袋裝刀。它配備安全帶切割刀、破窗器以及切開防碎玻璃用的圓盤鋸。每一樣工具都經過特別設計,讓左手及右手用家同樣使用方便。它是我們不希望您會用到的軍刀。但當情況危急,您可以信賴 Rescue Tool。



  1. 波浪形刀刃大刀
  2. 安全帶切割刀
  3. 針、鑽孔錐
  4. 防碎玻璃鋸
  5. 可鎖式開瓶器
  6. 電線剝皮鉗
  7. 7.5 mm 螺絲批
  1. 1/2 十字螺絲批
  2. 破窗器
  3. 鑰匙圈
  4. 牙籤
  5. 小鉗
  6. 掛繩


高度 21.5 mm
淨重量 167 g


刀殼物料 聚醯胺 
尺寸 111 mm
可上鎖刀片 是 
可單手開關主刀 是 

Key features

  • The indispensable tool to break windows or cut seatbelts in emergencies
  • Swiss made pocket knife with 13 functions
  • Includes a seatbelt cutter, disc saw for shatterproof glass and window breaker
Item number 0.8623.MWN
Height 21.5 mm
Length 111 mm
Weight 167 g
Collection -

Large Pocket Knife wif Disc Saw

We worked for years with professional rescuers to design teh Rescue Tool pocket knife. It features a seatbelt cutter, a window breaker and a disc saw to cut through shatterproof glass. And every tool is specially designed to work equally well for both left and right handed users. It's teh knife we hope you never has to use. But when every second counts, you can count on teh Rescue Tool.



  1. large blade with wavy edge
  2. seatbelt cutter
  3. reamer, punch
  4. shatterproof glass saw
  5. bottle opener, lockable
  6. wire stripper
  7. screwdriver 7.5 mm
  1. Phillips screwdriver 1/2
  2. window breaker
  3. key ring
  4. toothpick
  5. tweezers
  6. lanyard


Height 21.5 mm
Net weight 167 g


scale material polyamide 
Size 111 mm
Blade lockable Yes 
One hand blade Yes 
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