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Twist UVC Sanitizing Gear Dryer

Twist UVC Sanitizing Gear Dryer

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Twist UV-C Disinfection and Drying Machine - Keeping Your Gear in Prime Condition

Hong Kong, a bustling and efficient metropolis, operates at a breakneck pace, constantly seeking a more professional and outstanding quality of life. Designed for professionals who strive for high efficiency, the Twist UV-C Disinfection and Drying Machine features advanced PTC semiconductor heating technology and a UV-C sterilization system. It provides deep cleaning and rapid drying for various sports gear within a short period. Whether for business professionals’ dress shoes, athletes' training shoes, or urban cyclists' helmets and gloves, this dryer ensures your gear is maintained in optimal condition.

  • Efficient Drying System
    Equipped with a high-flow fan and semiconductor heating technology, it quickly disperses moisture, effectively drying equipment such as helmets and gloves, with simple operation.

  • UV-C Disinfection and Deodorization
    Utilizing UV-C ultraviolet light to penetrate the fibers of your gear, it breaks down bacteria DNA, eliminating 99% of pathogens and odors, providing a more sanitary and refreshing experience.

  • Intelligent Design and Safety Assurance
    Features an automatic timing function and a temperature control system to ensure it does not exceed safe temperatures while being energy efficient.

  • Reusable for Various Equipment
    Suitable not only for helmets and gloves but also capable of drying hats, head covers, and other gear to meet various needs.

  • Simple Operating Interface
    An intuitive control panel makes it easy to set drying times and modes, user-friendly even for first-time users.


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