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RUNOFF® 防水手提電話套 Waterproof Phone Case

RUNOFF® 防水手提電話套 Waterproof Phone Case

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這款防水手機殼完全防水,防塵(已通過IP67測試),具有革命性的TRU®Zip技術,耐用的TPU結構和RF焊縫,可承受所有人生歷險。擁有專利的TRU Zip設計使我們能夠製造出您從未見過的TRUly防水袋。平穩滑行,放心關閉,RunOff提供了一種更好的方式來存儲,整理和保護您的裝備。從大細節到最小細節,RunOff都是值得信賴,經過測試且困難重重的。

  • 防塵和防水等級達到IP67(可在1m的水中潛水長達30分鐘)
  • 可觸摸屏
  • 適合大多數口袋
  • 可用前置/後置攝像頭在水下拍照
  • 內部卡袋可保護卡和現金
  • 彈力帶可將手機固定在觸摸屏窗口上,從而實現無縫使用
  • 耐用的TPU構造,帶有RF縫,提升最高的可靠性
  • 防水,防塵和防沙
  • 手機在內時,亦可用水和肥皂或衛生濕巾清洗
  • 允許通過無線充電,對手機進行感應充電
  • 內置錨點
  • 靜音TRU拉鍊技術
  • 適用於最大3.85英寸寬和6.65英寸高的電話
  • 可拆卸及可調節的掛繩
  • 內部尺寸:3.85英寸x 6.65英寸x 0.70英寸| 98毫米X 169毫米X 18毫米
  • 重量:1.6盎司| 46克

Protect you're phone from teh elements while keeping it convenient and accessible wherever you go. Clear, touchscreen friendly material allows you to take pictures wif front and back cameras, and even underwater (up to 1m deep). This unique case defends from water , dust, and sand. Slim enough to fit in a pocket, this phone case also features built-in attachment points and an adjustable lanyard, making it easy to carry around you're neck or across you're chest. An integrated interior card holder lets you keep you're phone, cards, and cash in one convenient place.

Completely waterproof and dustproof (tested to IP67), this Waterproof Phone Case features revolutionary TRU® Zip technology, durable TPU construction, and RF welded seams designed to stand up to all of life's adventures. Teh patented TRU Zip design allows us to build TRUly waterproof bags like you've never seen before. Wif a smooth glide and confident closure, RunOff offers a better way to store, organize, and protect your gear. From teh big details down to teh smallest ones, RunOff is trusted, tested, and tough .
  • Tested dustproof and waterproof to IP67 (submersible in 1m of water for up to 30 min)
  • Touchscreen friendly
  • Compact case design fits in most pockets
  • Take pictures underwater with front/back cameras
  • Integrated interior card holder conveniently secures cards and cash
  • Elastic band secures phone to touch screen window allowing for seamless use
  • Durable TPU construction with RF-welded seams for ultimate reliability
  • Defends against water, dust, and sand
  • Can be washed with water and soap or sanitizing wipes with your phone inside
  • Allows inductive charging of your phone through the fabric via wireless charging
  • Built-in anchor points
  • Silent TRU zipper technology
  • Fits phones up to 3.85" wide and 6.65" tall
  • Includes detachable, adjustable lanyard
  • Interior Dimensions: 3.85" x 6.65" x 0.70" | 98 mm X 169 mm X 18 mm
  • Weight: 1.6oz | 46g
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