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Rothco Interchangeable Sport Glass Kit

Rothco Interchangeable Sport Glass Kit

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Rothco Interchangeable Sport Glass Kit offers three different lenses to meet diverse use needs. This sports glasses is specially designed for military personnel, pilots, MilSim enthusiasts and outdoor sports enthusiasts. Not only do they feature a comfortable nylon frame and soft nose pads, they also have adjustable elastic straps for a secure fit. The lenses are anti-fog and anti-scratch for use in rugged outdoor environments. The set also includes a zippered hard shell case and storage bag for easy portability and cleaning.

  • Comfortable nylon frame with soft nose pads
    The design is comfortable and will not cause burden when worn for a long time.

  • Adjustable elastic strap - for a secure fit
    Ensure the glasses fit snugly on your face and are suitable for various sports and outdoor activities.

  • Versatile lenses - suitable for every occasion
    Anti-fog and scratch-resistant lenses, including yellow lenses, smoke gray lenses and clear lenses, are suitable for shooting, sports and other safety applications.

  • Comes with zippered hard shell case and storage bag
    It facilitates the storage and maintenance of glasses and extends the service life of glasses.

  • Meets ANSI-Z87-1 safety standards
    Ensure the highest safety protection standards and are suitable for various harsh environments.
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