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Rothco Collapsible Tactical Goggles

Rothco Collapsible Tactical Goggles

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Rothco Collapsible tactical goggles break through the limitations of traditional goggles with their unique folding function. This goggle features a lightweight gasketed frame ensuring comfort and ease of wearing for extended periods of time. The lenses are not only shatterproof, but also anti-fog and anti-scratch to ensure clear vision. In addition, the product is CE certified and provides UV 400 protection, making it ideal for a variety of outdoor activities, sports and tactical applications.

  • Folding design - easy to carry
    The unique folding function makes it easy to store and carry, and is suitable for various outdoor activities.

  • Scratch-resistant lenses - maintain clear vision
    Equipped with an anti-scratch coating, it extends the service life of the lens and ensures clear vision.

  • Anti-fog lenses - clear and unobstructed <br>Efficient anti-fog lenses maintain clear vision for a long time and adapt to various climate conditions.

  • UV 400 Protection - Eye Safety
    Provides UV 400 protection to protect eyes from harmful UV rays.

  • Lightweight gasket frame - comfortable to wear
    Lightweight and soft gasket frame design ensures long-term wearing comfort.

  • Adjustable elastic straps - perfect fit
    Equipped with adjustable elastic straps to fit different head shapes, ensuring a secure fit of the goggles.
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