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【終極防護】Attacker 戰術手套:防切割 - 硬指節 - 耐燃

【終極防護】Attacker 戰術手套:防切割 - 硬指節 - 耐燃

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當面對威脅,一雙能提供全面保護的手套是不可缺少的。Attacker (進擊者) 戰術手套旨在為您的雙手提供終極保護,內部採用了 100% Honeywell Spectra® 防切割內襯,超越歐盟 EN388 防切割最高級別的測試,保護您的手不會被鋒利的物體傷害,套背部分由耐用的牛皮和 Kevlar® 物料構成,確保耐用性和阻燃性。指關節採用 Kevlar® 覆蓋的注塑塑料保護,手指和手掌採用軟墊橡膠加固。 指尖靈活,設計具有出色的觸發靈敏度,而可調節的手腕魔術貼開合,確保完美的貼合性及舒適性

  • 100% Honeywell Spectra® 內襯,有效防止利器傷害
  • Kevlar® 物料,具有抗火、耐燃和抗切割的特性
  • 手掌部位採用真正的牛皮,耐用度極高
  • 手掌區域裝有橡膠墊,提供額外的保護及舒適感
  • 覆蓋著Kevlar® 硬指節部位
  • 增強觸發敏感性的指尖設計
  • 手腕有魔鬼氈固定帶,可確保貼合舒適
  • 建議使用溫和肥皂手洗
  • 美國進口
  • EN388 Level 5 防切割保護

什麼是EN388 測試?

EN 388是一個歐洲標準,用於評估手套的防護性能。該標準測試手套對機械風險(例如切割、穿刺、撕裂和磨損)的防護能力。EN 388標準將手套的性能評分分為四個指標:

  • 抗切割性:用刀片測試手套對切割的阻擋能力,評分為0到5,數值越高代表越好的抗切割性能。
  • 抗穿刺性:用大針測試手套對穿刺的防護能力,評分為0到5,數值越高代表越好的抗穿刺性能。
  • 抗撕裂性:測試手套對撕裂的抵抗能力,評分為0到4,數值越高代表越好的抗撕裂性能。
  • 抗磨損性:測試手套在磨損下的耐用程度,評分為0到4,數值越高代表越好的抗磨損性能。
S 7 3 ¾
M 7 ¼ 4
L 7 ½ 4.25
XL 8 ½ 4 ½
2X 7 ½ 4.75

These Attacker brand gloves are designed for the ultimate protection against threats. The gloves feature an internal cut resistant 100% Honeywell Spectra liner that protects the hand from sharp objects.

The back is made with a combination of cowhide leather for durability and Kevlar for flame/flash resistance. The knuckles are protected with Kevlar covered injection molded plastic and the fingers and palms are reinforced with padded rubber. The finger tips are flexible and designed for excellent trigger sensitivity. An adjustable wrist closure assures a great fit.

The Attacker is rated at Level 5 for cut resistance on the EN388 standard.

  • 100% Honeywell Spectra liner for protection against sharp objects.
  • Kevlar for flame, flash, and cut resistance
  • Palm made of genuine cowhide leather for durability
  • Palm protected with rubber padding
  • Injection molded plastic knuckle covered with Kevlar
  • Fingertip designed for trigger sensitivity
  • Wrist length with hook & loop closure ensures a snug and comfortable fit
  • Level 5 Protection
  • Colors: Black
  • Hand wash with mild soap
  • Imported
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