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Nomex 耐燃飛行手套

Nomex 耐燃飛行手套

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這款 DuPont Nomex 耐燃飛行手套專為應對緊急情況而設計,為您的手提供保護和舒適感。手套由100% DuPont Nomex 物料製造,具備極高的耐熱性,能夠抵禦高達800°F(約370°C)的溫度和閃光。手套的掌心採用了高質量的鼓染皮革,確保了優越的柔韌性和手感。除此之外,為了加強保護和安全,手套的覆蓋區域還擴展到了手腕以外。這款手套特別適合飛行、賽車和戰術任務等活動。

  • 由100% Dupont Nomex 物料製成
  • 耐熱和防閃光高達800°F(約370°C)
  • 掌心由高品質鼓染皮革製成
  • 優越的柔韌性和手感
  • 保護和安全範圍延伸至手腕之外
  • 顏色:黑色
  • 終身保修

S 7 3 ¾
M 7 ¼ 4
L 7 ½ 4.25
XL 8 ½ 4 ½
2X 7 ½ 4.75

The Nomex Flight Glove is the perfect choice for heat, flame and flash protection. The glove is constructed of 100% Dupont Nomex fabric that is heat and flash resistant up to 800°F (~370 °C). The palm is made of premium high-quality drum dyed leather, which offers excellent flexibility and feel. For added protection and safety, coverage extends past the wrist. These gloves are great for flying, racing, tactical missions, etc.
  • Made of 100% Dupont Nomex brand fabric
  • Heat and flash resistant up to 800°F (~370 °C)
  • Palm made of premium high-quality drum dyed leather
  • Excellent flexibility and feel
  • Protection and safety coverage extends past the wrist
  • Colors: Black
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Imported
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