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Propper® BDU 2.0 Military Pants

Propper® BDU 2.0 Military Pants

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The Propper BDU 2.0 pants redefine the classic military attire by incorporating modern elements to enhance breathability, quick-drying capabilities, and comfort. Made from a 57% nylon and 43% cotton ripstop fabric, these pants are not only durable but also focused on the wearer's experience.

  • Modern Design Meets Classic Style
    Retaining the essence of traditional BDUs, the BDU 2.0 features modern upgrades in durability and functionality. Its military-spec NYCO fabric, combined with lightweight ripstop technology, ensures the pants are not only resistant to wear and tear but also breathable and quick-drying.

  • Multi-functional Pocket Design
    The design incorporates seven practical pockets, including expanded angle-cut hand pockets and streamlined cargo pockets, as well as a dedicated cell phone slot, perfectly merging storage and convenience.

  • Enhanced Comfort
    The BDU 2.0 introduces a microfiber lining and quick-adjust waist tabs in its belt design, increasing comfort and adjustability.

  • Reinforced Durability
    Reinforced stitching and critical area strengthening make the BDU 2.0 exceptionally durable, performing well in both outdoor work and daily wear, making it an ideal choice for summer work pants.
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Propper 是一家經過美國軍方認證的頂級軍服製造商,作為 Propper 的授權經銷商,我們提供各種款式和尺寸的 Propper 服裝,適用於戶外、軍事、戰術和專業保安等領域,助您應對各種挑戰和環境。Propper 作為美軍最大的供應商之一,具有領先的軍服製造技術,其服裝以高品質、耐用性和舒適度著稱,並且經得起時間和惡劣環境的考驗。

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