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POINT65 Boblbee GTX 25L X-Case

POINT65 Boblbee GTX 25L X-Case

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X-Case 絕對是增加Boblbee GTX 背包容量最好的擴充配包,可完美地與Boblbee背包結合,適合存放細小的隨身物件或裝備。它具有良好的保護和鋁箔絕緣功能,可安裝在Boblbee硬殼背包的腰部曲線上。兩側的反光條帶增加了可見度,雙平行拉鍊使拉合變得輕鬆快捷。它與Boblbee 25L GT,GTO GTX以及以前的Megalopolis型號兼容。


The X-case is the optimal accessory bag to carry chargers, cables, and other extras you need to access quickly. The X-case Large adds 3.5L of packing space to your backpack.

The case mounts to the lumbar curve of the Boblbee hardshell backpacks. It's well protected and insulated with aluminum foil to keep your lunch or snack fresh while you're on the go.

Reflective striping on all sides increases visibility and double parallel zippers allow easy and quick access. The X-case is an all-around excellent accessory pack for your Boblbee pack!

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