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Peacock Reusable Pocket Warmer: 30 Hours of Steady Warmth

Peacock Reusable Pocket Warmer: 30 Hours of Steady Warmth

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Looking for long-lasting, comfortable warmth on a cold day? Peacock Reusable Pocket Hand Warmer, a body warmer specially designed for those who pursue a high-quality life, will bring you an unprecedented warmth experience. Using innovative platinum catalyst technology, it can provide continuous warmth for up to 30 hours. Whether it is outdoor adventures, winter sports, or daily commuting, it is your ideal companion. With its environmentally friendly and safe design, combined with easy operation, the Peacock Pocket Hand Warmer will become your best choice in the cold season.

    • Cutting-Edge Platinum Catalyst Technology
      Using industry-leading platinum catalyst technology, it ensures that the fuel is slowly oxidized in a safe environment to provide consistent and long-lasting heat. This efficient technology not only ensures product safety, but also improves environmental performance.

    • Diverse size options
      To meet the needs of different customers, we provide a variety of size options, including the portable Baby type, the multi-functional Standard type, and the large-capacity Giant type, ensuring that every user can find the most suitable one style.

    • Super Long Warmth Time
      Different models provide long-lasting warmth ranging from 20 to 30 hours, and can continue to provide excellent warmth even in extremely cold environments.

    • Ideal for Outdoor Activities
      Lightweight and portable design, making it ideal for all kinds of winter outdoor activities. Whether you're hiking, skiing or exploring the city, it provides long-lasting warmth.
    • Simple and safe operation
      The design is simple and easy to use, even first-time users can easily get started. Its environmentally friendly design concept and high safety performance ensure users' comfort and peace of mind during use.


    1. Open the upper cover and hold both ends of the burner to avoid touching the platinum inside the burner and the coal. Pick up the burner to reveal a fuel port.

    2. Insert the bottom of the refueling funnel into the refueling opening

    3. Keep the refueling funnel parallel to the main body, and pour in the desired volume of fuel, up to the upper line.

    4. Rotate the refueling funnel 90 degrees, and the oil will automatically drip into the body heater. If you want to add a second cup of fuel, repeat the previous step (only two cups of fuel can be added at most). Never add oil directly to the burner to avoid damage to the burner.

    5. When all the fuel has dripped into the body stove, remove the refueling funnel, then turn the body of the body stove upside down, pinch it gently two or three times with your fingertips, and squeeze the excess fuel into other containers.

    6. After pouring out excess fuel, carefully replace the burner

    7. Confirm that the platinum contact coal in the fire mouth does not come into contact with the fuel

    8. Hold the body stove upright with your hands, and use a match or ordinary lighter to burn the platinum catalyst for 5-7 seconds (do not light the body stove upside down to avoid causing a fire or endangering the user!)

    9. Close the lid tightly and wait for about 1 minute. The stove will gradually warm up.

    10. Put the body warmer into a special bag and place it anywhere on the body that needs to be warmed, such as the abdomen, waist and back... all have special effects.

    How to stop using it midway : You can remove the burner device with a layer of cloth and put it aside to cool down. The reason is that the burner device cannot catalyze the fuel in the heater machine and stop the heater from generating heat.

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