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Original S.W.A.T. Ortholite® Foam Insoles: Revolutionizing Foot Comfort and Support

Original S.W.A.T. Ortholite® Foam Insoles: Revolutionizing Foot Comfort and Support

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In intense physical activities and long-standing work environments, a pair of high-quality shoes is indispensable, and the Ortholite® foam insoles are the soul of these excellent shoes. Ortholite® foam insoles, known for their exceptional shock absorption, enduring comfort, and unmatched support, have earned widespread acclaim from consumers globally.

  • Lasting shock absorption
    The unique aspect of Ortholite® foam is its compression rate of less than 5%, meaning that its cushioning and fit nearly do not change over time, providing enduring protection for your feet.

  • Customized comfort experience
    The top layer of the insole is made of resilient foam that adapts to the pressure changes of your feet, creating a comfort experience that is uniquely yours and delivering maximum shock absorption and comfort.

  • High resilience core layer
    The core layer density of Ortholite® foam insoles is meticulously designed to absorb the harmful impacts of running and fast-paced activities while maintaining support and durability.

  • Natural fitting support
    The insole's heel and arch areas provide support that aligns with the natural contours of your foot, aiding in proper movement and reducing the risk of injury.

  • Easy to clean
    Ortholite® foam insoles are machine washable, returning to a like-new state after washing while maintaining all their original performance benefits.

  • Lightweight design
    Employing lightweight open-cell foam technology significantly reduces the weight of the shoes compared to dense gel insoles, diminishing fatigue.

  • Antimicrobial and odor-resistant
    The insoles use a patented salt-based formula that is inherently antimicrobial, effectively combating fungi, bacteria, and odors.


  1. Can Ortholite® foam insoles adapt to various types of sports?
    Yes, Ortholite® foam insoles with their high resilience and excellent shock absorption properties are ideal for all kinds of high-impact sports. They effectively absorb shocks, protecting your feet.

  2. Will the insoles deform after some time?
    The low compression rate of Ortholite® foam insoles, below 5%, ensures that they maintain their shape and support over long periods, without deforming.

  3. Are the insoles easy to clean?
    Yes, very convenient. Ortholite® foam insoles are machine washable and can quickly return to a like-new state after washing, maintaining all their performance features.

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Original S.W.A.T.

Original S.W.A.T. 是美國頂尖的戶外戰術靴品牌,產品以高品質、耐用、舒適透氣聞名,並完美地平衡了保護性和輕巧靈活性,深受各種專業人士和戰術部門的信賴。我們提供各種款式和尺寸的專業靴子,適用於戶外活動、戰術操作、專業保安和各種工作場所或日常使用。

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