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Original S.W.A.T. Alpha Fury 8" SZ WP

Original S.W.A.T. Alpha Fury 8" SZ WP

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Original S.W.A.T. Alpha Fury 8": Merging Athletic Shoe Comfort with Tactical Boot Durability

In the quest for top-tier tactical boots, the Original S.W.A.T. Alpha Fury 8" Waterproof Tactical Shoe stands out with its unparalleled professional performance and versatile application. Ingeniously blending the comfort of athletic shoes with the sturdiness and resilience of tactical boots, it ensures optimal support and protection in various environments. From meticulously designed details to technological innovations, the Alpha Fury is committed to meeting the demands of professional users, excelling in both harsh outdoor challenges and prolonged wear scenarios.


  • Highly Breathable Design with Seamless Construction
    The Alpha Fury utilizes premium breathable mesh combined with a seamless structure to enhance breathability while maintaining flexibility and adaptability. This ensures that users remain comfortable and dry, even in high-temperature or dynamic environments.

  • Enhanced Durability with Abrasion-Resistant Microfiber PU Upper
    Featuring an abrasion-resistant microfiber PU material and reinforced design, the upper of the Alpha Fury offers outstanding durability and protection, catering to the needs of harsh environments or intensive work conditions.

  • Comprehensive Professional Waterproofing
    Equipped with advanced full-membrane waterproof technology, the Alpha Fury ensures that users' feet stay dry and comfortable even in rain or damp conditions, offering protection against liquids and pathogens.

  • Superior Anti-Slip and Shock Absorption Performance
    The boot's sole is made of advanced anti-slip rubber material, providing excellent traction on various surfaces while surpassing the ASTM F2913-17 testing standards. Integrated with the Alta-lite™ dual-density PU insole, it not only alleviates foot pressure but also enhances overall stability and comfort.

  • Professionally Designed UFit Lacing System
    The professional UFit lacing system ensures a secure and comfortable fit, especially offering outstanding ankle support. This system allows the boot to better adapt to different foot shapes, reducing internal friction and optimizing the overall wearing experience.

  • Mud-Resistant Mudguard Tongue Design
    Employing a carefully designed mudguard tongue, it effectively blocks external mud and debris, ensuring foot cleanliness and comfort in various terrains and extending the boots' lifespan.

  • Customized Thermoplastic Heel and Toe Protection
    The heel and toe areas feature customized thermoplastic material, providing impact resistance and stable support during various activities, ensuring your safety.

  • Reinforced Durable Laces
    Utilizing 3mm reinforced round laces, these are resistant to everyday wear and tear, ensuring the laces remain secure and intact, maintaining the boots' overall performance and appearance.

  • Jersey Fabric Achilles Heel Pad
    The Jersey fabric pad in the Achilles area offers additional cushioning and protection, enhancing safety and comfort for the wearer. This design mitigates the pressure from prolonged wear, allowing you to maintain optimal performance in any activity.

These features of the Alpha Fury 8" Waterproof Tactical Boot highlight its excellence as a multifunctional and professional tactical boot. Whether facing challenging conditions or for everyday wear, it provides reliable performance and superior comfort.

Original S.W.A.T. is a renowned American footwear brand established in the late '90s, dedicated to designing and producing tactical boots for the elite U.S. Special Weapons and Tactics (S.W.A.T.) teams. Balancing the demands of various harsh conditions with support, agility, and comfort, Original's commitment to strict manufacturing standards has garnered global user support and trust.


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    Original S.W.A.T.

    Original S.W.A.T. 是美國頂尖的戶外戰術靴品牌,產品以高品質、耐用、舒適透氣聞名,並完美地平衡了保護性和輕巧靈活性,深受各種專業人士和戰術部門的信賴。我們提供各種款式和尺寸的專業靴子,適用於戶外活動、戰術操作、專業保安和各種工作場所或日常使用。

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