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Nite Ize KeyRack Locker Steel

Nite Ize KeyRack Locker Steel

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KeyRack Locker由優質不銹鋼製成,具有堅固,安全的登山扣門關閉裝置,可讓您將鑰匙夾在皮帶環,拉鍊頭,錢包帶,第二個鑰匙圈上或從鑰匙圈上取下來-任何帶環或D形環的東西 。 但是下半部分是它所在的位置:實心環上裝有六個S-Biner MicroLock,不銹鋼登山扣,其中央鎖桿由耐用的塑料製成。 一個簡單的扭轉有效而安全地鎖定了門,並保持這種狀態,直到您再次扭轉打開為止。 多功能,方便且超安全的KeyRack Locker非常適合從戒指上取下單個鑰匙以進行奔跑或騎行,交給您的技工或侍應生或留給朋友。

  • KeyRack Locker的創新型S-Biner MicroLocks結合了S-Biner的創新性和多功能性,可提供獨特的功能,安全性和對鑰匙的保護
  • S-Biner MicroLocks的中心桿由耐用的塑料製成-簡單的扭轉有效並牢固地鎖定了門,以使您的鑰匙牢固地鎖定在KeyRack Locker上
  • 具有耐用的不銹鋼登山扣夾,可讓您將鑰匙架夾到現有的鑰匙鏈,錢包,外套,皮帶或其他方便的位置。
  • 高質量不銹鋼部件的重型結構-確保您的鑰匙安全且易於使用
  • 產品重量:1.31盎司| 37克
  • 尺寸:3.07“ x 1.54” x .60“ | 78.10mm x 39.10mm x 15.20mm

            Made of high quality stainless steel, the KeyRack Locker features a sturdy, secure carabiner gate closure that allows you to clip your keys onto and off of belt loops, zipper pulls, purse straps, second key rings - anything with a loop or D-ring. But the bottom half is where it's at: the solid loop holds six S-Biner MicroLock, stainless steel carabiners that feature a center locking lever made of durable plastic. A simple twist effectively and securely locks the gate, and keeps it that way until you twist it open again. Versatile, convenient, and ultra-secure, the KeyRack Locker is great for removing a single key from a ring to take on a run or ride, give to your mechanic or valet, or leave for a friend.

            • The KeyRack Locker's innovative S-Biner MicroLocks combine the innovation and versatility of the S-Biner to provide unique functionality, security and access to your keys.
            • S-Biner MicroLocks feature a center lever made of durable plastic--a simple twist effectively and securely locks the gates to keep your key securely locked to the KeyRack Locker.
            • Features a durable stainless steel carabiner clip which allows you to clip the Key Rack to an existing key chain, purse, jacket, strap, or other convenient location.
            • Heavy duty construction of high quality Stainless Steel components - Keep your keys secure and easily accessible.
            • Product Weight: 1.31oz | 37g
            • Dimensions: 3.07" x 1.54" x .60" | 78.10mm x 39.10mm x 15.20mm
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