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Mechanix Wear New Generation FastFit® High Sensitivity Tactical Gloves

Mechanix Wear New Generation FastFit® High Sensitivity Tactical Gloves

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Discover the next generation of FastFit® high-sensitivity tactical gloves—designed specifically for military, law enforcement and shooting sports. This glove is equipped with advanced TrekDry® breathable technology to effectively keep hands cool and comfortable. Its unique elastic cuff design ensures a snug fit, while the ergonomically designed dual-piece palm reduces material bunching for a better feel. Even better, the 0.6mm high-sensitivity synthetic leather is embedded with touch screen technology to keep you connected at all times. For durability, the fingertips are specially reinforced and equipped with nylon hanging loops for easy storage. In addition, the gloves are machine washable, which is convenient and fast. FastFit® gloves are ideal for your tactical operations.

  • TrekDry® Breathable Technology: Using TrekDry® material, it effectively regulates hand temperature and ensures you can stay cool and comfortable even if you wear it for a long time.

  • Flexible-fitting elastic cuffs: The gloves are equipped with elastic cuffs that can be flexibly adjusted to ensure a firm fit and increase wearing safety.

  • Ergonomic double-piece palm design: The unique double-piece design reduces material crowding and provides more natural hand movement flexibility.

  • Enhanced durability of fingertips: The precision pinch-type fingertip structure enhances the strength and durability of fingertips, making it suitable for high-intensity use.

  • Highly sensitive synthetic leather and touch screen technology: Using 0.6mm highly sensitive synthetic leather and integrating touch screen technology, you can flexibly operate various touch screen devices even while wearing gloves.

  • Convenient nylon hanging loop and machine washable function: Equipped with nylon hanging loop for convenient storage. Supports machine washability, easy to clean and maintain.
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