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Marathon DEFSTAN Nylon NATO Watch Band/Strap with Stainless Steel Square Buckle

Marathon DEFSTAN Nylon NATO Watch Band/Strap with Stainless Steel Square Buckle

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尋找一條既堅固又兼具時尚感的錶帶?Nylon Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) Strap 以其高規格的Ballistic Nylon和316L不銹鋼硬件,完美呈現專業與風格。


  • DEFSTAN尼龍錶帶由符合軍事規格的尼龍製成,堅韌而耐用。所有Marathon腕錶及其他品牌皆可使用,材質堅固,能承受日常生活中的各種挑戰。


  • 錶帶配有316L不鏽鋼配件,包括刻有精美方形扣環。這些配件不僅堅固耐用,更增添了DEFSTAN尼龍錶帶的優雅風格。


  • 這款DEFSTAN尼龍錶帶有黑色,草綠色和沙漠棕色三種顏色可供選擇。提供18毫米,20毫米和22毫米三種尺寸,讓您可以根據您的錶和需求選擇最適合的錶帶。


  • DEFSTAN尼龍錶帶穿戴舒適,並且清潔簡單。錶帶的設計和材質確保了您可以在任何情況下都可以享受到最好的穿戴體驗。

【Marathon Watch Company:匠心獨具的軍事手錶製造商】

Marathon 手錶公司成立於 1939 年,總部位於加拿大,所有手錶均於瑞士生產。自 1941 年以來,Marathon 一直為美國軍方和多個北約部隊提供各種精密時計。目前,它已成為美國陸軍、海軍 (USN)、海軍陸戰隊 (USMC)、NASA、加拿大武裝部隊以及全球眾多執法和政府機構的標準配置。作為目前美國政府唯一的現役軍事手錶承包商, Marathon 手錶將軍事耐用性與瑞士工程和工藝相結合,以確保最高水平的質量、精度和可靠性。


Looking for a watch strap that's both durable and stylish? The Nylon Defence Standard (DEFSTAN) Strap stands out with its high-grade Ballistic Nylon and 316L stainless steel hardware, perfectly encapsulating professionalism and style.

Premium Material: Military-Grade Nylon

The DEFSTAN nylon watch strap is made from nylon that meets military specifications, ensuring it's robust and long-lasting. Suitable for all Marathon watches and other brands, its sturdy material can withstand the various challenges of daily life.

Exquisite Craftsmanship: 316L Stainless Steel Buckle

The strap features 316L stainless steel accessories, including an elegantly engraved square buckle. These additions not

only offer durability but also elevate the graceful style of the DEFSTAN nylon strap.

Variety of Choices: Multiple Sizes and Colors

This DEFSTAN nylon strap is available in three distinct colors: black, army green, and desert brown. With sizes ranging from 18mm, 20mm, to 22mm, you have the flexibility to choose the perfect strap to match your watch and personal preferences.

Comfortable Experience: Easy to Wear and Clean

The DEFSTAN nylon strap is comfortable to wear and a breeze to clean. Its design and material ensure you enjoy the best wearing experience in any circumstance.

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