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Marathon Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm

Marathon Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm

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Marathon Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm 手錶,是為最嚴苛的條件下設計,絕對是您需要的耐用和精確的時間工具。此款手錶按照嚴格的軍事規格製造( MIL-PRF-46374G Type III, Class 1),並由專業飛行員,極限運動者,執法人員和探險者所喜愛。它的高規格滿足了所有專業和日常生活中的挑戰。


Navigator 系列手錶於1986年與美國 Kelly Air Force Base共同開發,標誌著時計技術進步的重大里程碑。至今,Navigator 仍是一款卓越的手錶,經過2019年的嚴格修訂,提升其耐用性和可靠性。


搭載瑞士製造的高扭矩 3 寶石 ETA FØ6 Movement 石英機芯,能保證每天的時間精確度,並以 EOL 指示器以監測電池壽命,讓您掌握準確的時間。其特殊高抗衝擊性的纖維外殼,防汗防震,且重量極輕,適合各種嚴酷環境及長時間使用。



【Marathon Watch Company:匠心獨具的軍事手錶製造商】

Marathon 手錶公司成立於 1939 年,總部位於加拿大,所有手錶均於瑞士生產。自 1941 年以來,Marathon 一直為美國軍方和多個北約部隊提供各種精密時計。目前,它已成為美國陸軍、海軍 (USN)、海軍陸戰隊 (USMC)、NASA、加拿大武裝部隊以及全球眾多執法和政府機構的標準配置。作為目前美國政府唯一的現役軍事手錶承包商, Marathon 手錶將軍事耐用性與瑞士工程和工藝相結合,以確保最高水平的質量、精度和可靠性。

NATO Stock Number (NSN)  6645-01-364-4042
MOVEMENT  High-torque quartz • ETA FØ6 Movement
SCALE RANGE  1-12 (13-24)
LUMINOUS FEATURES  Tritium gas tubes
CASE  High-Impact Composite Fibreshell
BEZEL TYPE  Bi-directional
CROWN TYPE  Pressure
DIMENSIONS  41mm Diameter / 13mm thickness
LUG WIDTH  20mm 

The Marathon Sapphire Crystal Pilot's Navigator 41mm watch is designed for the most stringent conditions and is absolutely the durable and precise timekeeping tool you need. This watch is manufactured in accordance with strict military specifications and is loved by professional pilots, extreme athletes, law enforcement officers, and adventurers. Its high standards meet all challenges in both professional and everyday life.

Innovative Heritage: Precise Design That Stands the Test of Time
The Navigator series watches were co-developed with Kelly Air Force Base in 1986, marking a significant milestone in the advancement of timekeeping technology. To date, the Navigator remains an exceptional watch, having undergone rigorous revisions in 2019 to enhance its durability and reliability.

Extraordinary Durability, Unmatched Precision
Equipped with a high-torque 3-jewel ETA FØ6 Movement quartz movement made in Switzerland, it guarantees daily time accuracy. An EOL (End of Life) indicator is also included to monitor battery life, ensuring you have accurate timekeeping. Its specially designed high-impact-resistant fiber casing is sweat-resistant, shock-resistant, and extremely lightweight, suitable for all kinds of harsh environments and long-term use.

Excellent Quality, Military Style
This watch meets the NATO stock number and MIL-PRF-46374G military specification requirements, displaying a true military style. The watch face uses durable sapphire crystal glass and features a unique scale design, ensuring the watch's accuracy and practicality. Equipped with self-luminous tritium gas tubes on the hour markers and hour and minute hands, it ensures excellent readability even in dim environments. The tritium tubes contain a hydrogen isotope, and its luminous performance far exceeds that of luminescent paint, maintaining excellent clarity over time.

Marathon Watch Company: A Unique Military Watch Manufacturer
Marathon Watch Company was founded in 1939, headquartered in Canada, and all its watches are made in Switzerland. Since 1941, Marathon has continuously supplied various precision timepieces to the U.S. military and multiple NATO forces. Currently, it has become the standard equipment for the U.S. Army, Navy (USN), Marine Corps (USMC), NASA, the Canadian Armed Forces, and numerous law enforcement and governmental agencies around the world. As the only active military watch contractor for the U.S. government at present, Marathon watches combine military durability with Swiss engineering and craftsmanship to ensure the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and reliability.

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