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Marathon 22mm Two-Piece Textured Rubber Strap

Marathon 22mm Two-Piece Textured Rubber Strap

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  • 這款高質感的表帶在義大利精心製造,確保了其卓越品質和獨特設計。


  • 這款錶帶採用頂級硫化橡膠,堅韌且耐用,無論潛水還是日常使用都不失其功能性。


  • 淡淡的雲呢拿香氣,不僅使手錶帶散發出獨特的香味,還為您提供一種全新的佩戴體驗。


  • 不論是深潛還是進行搜索和救援任務,這款手錶帶都能確保您的舒適和靈活性。


  • 耐用的316L不鏽鋼扣確保了表帶的穩定性,而特製的無肩彈簧棒則適用於外部鑽孔的錶耳。


  • 表帶的長度可以適應6"到9"的手腕大小,且總長度分別為124mm和89mm。

注意事項: 橡膠錶帶配備的無肩彈簧條與手錶的外側凸出的表耳完美兼容。若您的手錶未有外部通孔,您可選擇更換為帶肩的彈簧桿,讓安裝過程更為簡便。


Marathon Vulcanized Rubber Strap - A Perfect Blend of Italian Craftsmanship and Modern Style】

Looking for a watch strap that blends modern style with superior craftsmanship? Marathon's 22mm carbon fibre textured rubber strap delivers on both fronts, and with an added touch of vanilla scent, offering you a distinctive and elegant wearing experience.

Made in Italy:

  • This high-quality strap is meticulously crafted in Italy, ensuring its outstanding quality and unique design.

Made of Vulcanized Rubber:

  • The strap uses top-grade vulcanized rubber, which is robust and durable, maintaining its functionality whether you're diving or just using it daily.

Vanilla-Scented Luxury:

  • The subtle vanilla fragrance not only gives the watch strap a unique aroma but also introduces a new dimension to your wearing experience.

Designed for Diving Comfort:

  • Whether deep diving or conducting search and rescue operations, this watch strap ensures your comfort and flexibility.

316L Stainless Steel Buckle and Spring Bars:

  • The durable 316L stainless steel buckle ensures the stability of the strap, while the specially crafted shoulderless spring bars are suitable for watches with externally drilled lugs.

Adjustable Length and Adaptability:

  • The strap's length can accommodate wrist sizes from 6" to 9", with total lengths of 124mm and 89mm, respectively.

Important Note: The rubber watch strap comes equipped with shoulderless spring bars that are perfectly compatible with the outwardly protruding lugs of watches. If your watch doesn't have external through holes, you can opt to replace them with shouldered spring bars for a more straightforward installation process.

"If the product is out of stock, pre-orders are accepted. Feel free to inquire."


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