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Marathon 22mm Ballistic Nylon Watch Band/Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle

Marathon 22mm Ballistic Nylon Watch Band/Strap with Stainless Steel Buckle

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為尋找一條集耐用性與時尚於一身的錶帶而煩惱嗎?Ballistic Nylon Strap是您的最佳選擇,它結合了優質的材料和專業的工藝,確保您的手錶看起來既時尚又專業。

  • 這款錶帶使用高品質的Ballistic Nylon材料製成,提供極高的耐磨性和耐久性,是專業和日常使用的理想選擇。

  • 不論是16mm、20mm還是22mm的錶耳寬度,這款錶帶都能完美適應,確保您的手錶緊緊固定。

  • 配備有黑色 316L不鏽鋼扣環,不僅外觀時尚,而且非常耐用。

  • 這款錶帶是根據MIL-S-46383B規範製造的,確保其質量和耐用性。

  • 無論是導航、一般手錶還是手腕指南針,這款錶帶都是完美的替代品。



【Ballistic Nylon Strap: Where Robust Construction Meets Elegance】
In the quest for a watch strap that seamlessly combines resilience with style? Our Ballistic Nylon Strap stands unparalleled. Crafted with precision and expertise, this strap ensures that your timepiece looks as professional as it feels.

Military Specification Material:

  • Made with top-tier Ballistic Nylon, this strap boasts superior abrasion resistance and longevity, making it a prime choice for both professional and everyday use.

Universal Sizing:

  • Whether it's a 16mm, 20mm, or 22mm lug width, this strap promises a snug fit, ensuring your watch remains securely in place.

316L Stainless Steel Buckle:

  • The strap is complemented with a black IP coated 316L stainless steel buckle, offering not just a sleek appearance but also unmatched durability.

Conforms to MIL-S-46383B Standards:

  • Manufactured in adherence to the MIL-S-46383B specification, you are guaranteed quality and durability.

Versatility at Its Best:

  • From navigators to general-purpose wristwatches and even wrist compasses, this strap serves as the perfect replacement.


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