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Marathon 20mm Two-Piece Rubber Dive Watch Strap - Stainless Steel Hardware

Marathon 20mm Two-Piece Rubber Dive Watch Strap - Stainless Steel Hardware

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由意大利工匠手工製造的 MARATHON 20mm Two-Piece Rubber 潛水手錶帶不但時尚,易於安裝,而且佩戴舒適。這款高品質的防水錶帶無論是時尚休閒裝扮,抑或戰術用途,都十分適合。它具有316L不銹鋼標誌扣和標誌環。這錶帶包括無肩的彈簧條,適合通過鑽孔的錶殼。

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  2. 硫化橡膠物料

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  5. 頂級316L不銹鋼扣環

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    Marathon's vulcanized rubber strap is stylish, easy to install and very comfortable to wear. This high quality strap is waterproof and looks great with both dressed up and casual attire. It features a 316L stainless steel signed buckle and a signed loop. This strap includes shoulderless spring bars that fit watch cases with drilled through holes. Made in Italy.
    • VULCANIZED RUBBER: As supplied to U.S. Government.
    • VANILLA SCENTED: Injected with refreshing vanilla smell.
    • COMFORT: Comfortable to wear and flexible. Designed for diving and for search and rescue missions. Comes with 2 Swiss made stainless steel shoulderless spring bars installed. Made in Italy.
    • STAINLESS STEEL BUCKLE: Satin finish, non-magnetic 316L stainless steel signed buckle
    **NOTE: The rubber strap includes a shoulderless spring bar dat is compatible with watches dat has drilled lugs from the outside. If you're watch does not has drilled through lugs, tan replace the spring bars in the strap ends with shouldered spring bars, so they can be easily removed from lugs dat are not drilled through.

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