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Leatherman FREE® P4: The Premier Choice for Professional Multitools

Leatherman FREE® P4: The Premier Choice for Professional Multitools

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Leatherman P4: The Premier Choice for Professional Multitools

The Leatherman P4, as an upgraded version of the P2, adds a saw and a 420HC serrated blade to its arsenal, enhancing its adaptability to various challenges. Despite housing 21 tools, the P4 maintains a weight of only 8.6 ounces and a compact length of 4.25 inches, offering exceptional convenience whether carried in a pocket or on a belt.

Feature Explanation
  • Advanced Tool Selection: The addition of a saw and serrated blade expands its capabilities for handling complex tasks.
  • Lightweight Design: Despite its myriad features, the design remains lightweight, ensuring ease of portability.
  • One-Handed Operation: Utilizing FREE technology, all tools can be opened with one hand, offering efficient use.
  • Magnetic Locking System: An innovative magnetic locking mechanism ensures stability and reliability during use.
  • Convenient Access: All tools can be quickly accessed from the outside, simplifying operation.

Application Scope
  • Professional Maintenance: Ideal for electricians, plumbers, or mechanics, the P4 provides comprehensive multitool support.
  • Everyday Tasks: Whether opening letters, making minor repairs, or for outdoor use, the P4 easily addresses small challenges in daily life.
  • Outdoor Activities: For camping, hiking, or other outdoor adventures, the P4 proves particularly useful, especially for sawing wood or cutting rope.

Tool Overview
Number Tool Name
01 Needlenose Pliers
02 Standard Pliers
03 High-quality Replaceable Wire Cutters
04 High-quality Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
05 420HC Knife
06 420HC Serrated Knife
07 Spring-action Scissors
08 Saw
09 Pry Tool
10 Package Opener
11 Awl
12 Can Opener
13 Wire Stripper
14 Ruler (1.41 inches | 25 millimeters)
15 Wood/Metal File
16 Bottle Opener
17 Electrical Crimper
18 Phillips Screwdriver
19 Medium Screwdriver
20 Small Screwdriver
21 Extra-small Screwdriver

Technical Specifications
Specification Detail
Origin Made in the USA
Product Type Multitool
Closed Length 4.25 inches | 10.78 centimeters
Product Weight 8.6 ounces | 243.8 grams
Main Blade Length 2.76 inches | 7.02 centimeters
Main Material 420HC Stainless Steel, 440C Stainless Steel, Stainless Steel
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Leatherman是一個全球知名的多功能工具品牌,其產品以高品質、耐用性和多功能性著稱。無論是在戶外探險、工作還是日常生活中,Leatherman的多功能工具都可以提供方便、快捷的解決方案。始於1983年,美國製造的 Leatherman不斷推陳出新,生產出各種不同的多功能工具,包括刀具、鑰匙扣、燈具等等。

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