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Leatherman CHARGE+ Forest Camo Special Edition

Leatherman CHARGE+ Forest Camo Special Edition

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New Special Edition Charge+ Multitool: Camouflage Style, Essential for Explorers

The newly launched special edition Leatherman Charge+ multitool showcases a unique forest camouflage style, designed specifically for everyday adventures and exploration activities. With 19 ultra-practical functions, the tool is compact and allows for one-handed operation. Its features include sharp scissors, replaceable premium steel wire cutters, and a durable 154CM stainless steel blade, making it reliable for work, hiking, camping, or daily use.

Feature Highlights
  • Unique Camouflage Design: The special edition Charge+ debuts in an eye-catching forest camouflage design, suitable for various outdoor activities as well as everyday use.

  • 19-in-1 Multifunctionality: Integrates 19 different practical tools, catering to both basic daily tasks and complex professional jobs.

  • High-Quality Material: Made with top-grade 154CM stainless steel and 420HC steel, ensuring durability and reliability.

Application Scenarios
  • Professional and Daily Use: Whether it's for professional repair work or outdoor exploration, the Charge+ provides excellent support and convenience.

  • Everyday Carry: Its compact and portable design makes the Charge+ a powerful assistant in your daily life.

Whether for professional purposes or outdoor activities, the special edition Charge+ multitool, with its outstanding functionality and unique design, proves to be a reliable companion, easing any adventure or task.

Tool List
Number Tool Name
01 Needle-nose Pliers
02 Standard Pliers
03 Replaceable Wire Cutters
04 Replaceable Hard-wire Cutters
05 Crimping Tool
06 Wire Stripper
07 154CM Steel Knife
08 420HC Serrated Knife
09 Saw
10 Spring-action Scissors
11 Cutting Hook
12 Ruler (8 inches)
13 Can Opener
14 Bottle Opener
15 Wood/Metal File
16 Diamond-coated File
17 Large Bit Driver
18 Small Bit Driver
19 Medium Screwdriver

Technical Specifications
Specifications Details
Origin Made in the USA
Product Type Multipurpose Tool
Collapsed Length 4 inches | 10 cm
Product Weight 8.3 oz | 235 grams
Main Blade Length 2.9 inches | 7.37 cm
Main Material 420HC Stainless Steel, 154CM Stainless Steel, Type II Anodized Aluminum

Included Accessories
Accessory Name
Square Drive #1 and #2
Eyeglass Screwdriver
Hex 5/32" and 9/64"
Hex 1/8" and 7/64"
Hex 3/32" and 5/64"
Hex 1/16" and .050"
Phillips #1-2 and Flat 3/16" Screwdriver
Flat 1/8" and Torx #15
Screwdriver 1/4" and 3/16"
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Leatherman是一個全球知名的多功能工具品牌,其產品以高品質、耐用性和多功能性著稱。無論是在戶外探險、工作還是日常生活中,Leatherman的多功能工具都可以提供方便、快捷的解決方案。始於1983年,美國製造的 Leatherman不斷推陳出新,生產出各種不同的多功能工具,包括刀具、鑰匙扣、燈具等等。

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