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JETBeam JET-1 MK Flashlight

JETBeam JET-1 MK Flashlight

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  • 體積小巧,便於日常攜帶,特別設計用於遠足,露營,固定和緊急使用
  • 具有存儲功能的三個明亮模型,最大輸出到480流明
  • 最大光束距離到130米,最大4200cd
  • 有效的電源管理電路,最長工作時間可達100小時
  • 電池修訂保護功能
  • 防水等級達到IPX8(水下2米)
  • 1米耐衝擊
  • Small size , convenient for everyday carry , special design for hiking ,camping ,fixing ,and emergency use

  • Three bright model with memory function ,max output to 480 lumen

  • Max beam distance to 130 meters ,max 4200cd


  • Effective power management circuit ,max working time to 100hours


  • Battery revised protection function


  • Waterproof levels to IPX8(under water 2 meters )


  • 1 meter impact resistant

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