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Helikon Tactical Multi-Purpose Medical Pouch

Helikon Tactical Multi-Purpose Medical Pouch

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The Helikon Tactical Multi-Purpose Medical Pouch is meticulously designed to store and organize essential first aid supplies, ensuring quick access when it matters most.

  • Quick Identification
    Featuring a reflective paramedic cross symbol, this pouch is easily identifiable in low-light or chaotic rescue scenarios. It's an indispensable piece of gear for field or urban missions, keeping you prepared to deliver first aid anytime, anywhere.

  • Durable and Portable
    Constructed from nylon and mesh materials, it boasts durability and ease of portability. Equipped with a rubber-coated handle, it unfolds to reveal four panels complete with elastic loops, paracord loops, and a mesh organizational structure. The reflective Star of Life and a semi-transparent window make it convenient for storing ICE (In Case of Emergency) / procedure cards.

    Weight 124g
    Dimensions 18 x 11 x 3,5 cm / 7 x 4.3 x 1.4 in
    Material 100% Nylon
    EUROPEAN PATENT No 002994368-0001
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