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Helikon Military-Grade Traveler Backpack

Helikon Military-Grade Traveler Backpack

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Whether in terms of materials, design features, durability, size, or load-bearing capacity, the 2024 newly launched Helikon Traveler is undoubtedly one of the most cost-effective and outstanding works among travel backpacks. Made with military-grade materials and designed for travel enthusiasts, this backpack meets various needs, whether for business trips or leisure vacations. Its 30-liter capacity is sufficient for all travel essentials, while the professional interior design keeps your items well-organized. It is an ideal choice for both long journeys and brief weekend getaways.

  • Flexible and convenient storage features
    The Traveler backpack is equipped with a large Velcro panel and a compatible Modular Insert System (VIS), providing dedicated storage spaces for your cables, chargers, and small items, making organization more efficient.

  • A travel organization marvel, with flexible compartments
    Inside, the backpack includes a removable large travel organizer insert with various sized mesh pockets, facilitating the categorization and organization of clothing and personal items, making packing and locating things more convenient while traveling.

  • A considerate travel companion
    Specifically designed attachment points allow you to easily secure the backpack on a suitcase, providing added convenience during long travels or airport layovers.

  • Attention to professional details
    The Traveler backpack not only provides a dedicated safe space for your 15.6-inch laptop but also features specialized glasses pocket and other compartments for small items, ensuring everything is neatly organized.

  • Military-grade durable design
    Featuring top-quality YKK zippers and 100% Cordura® nylon, it combines military standards with modern design, offering excellent wear resistance, tear resistance, or water resistance, ensuring reliability with every use during your travels.

  • Balance of comfort and convenience
    The ergonomic design of the backpack ensures comfort even when carried for long periods, while its unique internal structure design makes your travels more effortless.

Weight  1120g
Capacity 24.5L
Dimensions 39 x 32 x 57 cm / 15.4 x 12.6 x 22.4 in
Material 100% Cordura® Nylon
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