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Helikon 120g TRAMONTANE Windpack Jacket

Helikon 120g TRAMONTANE Windpack Jacket

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Helikon-Tex Tramontane is an exceptional jacket that blends outstanding functionality and stylish design, featuring characteristics like lightweight, compressibility, windproof, water-resistant, breathable, abrasion-resistant, and quick-drying, making it suitable for a variety of outdoor activities and everyday wear. Moreover, its range of color options and adjustable hood design and side pockets allow for personal preference and need-based customization.

  • Lightweight: Weighs only 120g

  • Compressibility: Can be compressed and stored in its own chest pocket for easy transport

  • Wind and Light Rain Resistant: Made of Windpack Nylon, the fabric provides excellent wind and water resistance, effectively shielding against strong winds and light rain, ensuring comfort during outdoor activities

  • Breathable and Quick-Drying: Offers good breathability, helping to regulate body temperature and prevent excessive sweating, keeping you comfortable and dry

  • Stand-Up Collar: The jacket features a stand-up collar design, helping to protect your neck from cold winds and offering additional warmth

  • YKK® Zippers: High-quality YKK® zippers ensure durability and smooth operation

  • Elastic Cuffs and Hem: Elastic cuffs and hem help prevent wind from entering the jacket while ensuring comfort

Size (cm)
1/2 Chest
54.5 57.5 60.5 63.5 66.5 69.5
Sleeve Length
87 88 89 90 91 92
Front Center Zip Length
74 75.5 77 78.5 80 81.5
1/2 Hem Width
48 51 54 57 60 63
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Embrace the pinnacle of tactical performance with Helikon-Tex, a brand synonymous with durability, innovation, and functionality. Our extensive collection features high-quality apparel, backpacks, and accessories, meticulously crafted to meet the rigorous demands of military operations and outdoor adventures. Choose Helikon-Tex for gear that excels in both resilience and style, ensuring you're always mission-ready.

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