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Helikon TMR® Professional Tactical Vest

Helikon TMR® Professional Tactical Vest

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Essential for Shooting Training - TMR® Tactical Shooting Vest
The Helikon TMR® is designed specifically for the range, including shooting instructors, enthusiasts, and competitive shooters. Inspired by one of the most renowned tactical shooting coaches, its minimalist and precise symmetrical layout is striking. The TMR® accommodates a basic ammunition load, including extra rounds, multitools, flashlights, and all other gear you might need in advanced training sessions.

Professional Design and Pocket Layout
The TMR® features a spacious central cargo pocket, plus detachable MOLLE/PALS pockets for medical inserts or additional equipment. The PALS panel at the bottom of the straps allows for extra pockets or accessories. Moreover, it includes an adjustable waistband and YKK® zippers. Designed for easy identification, it has three loop panels: on the main pocket, detachable accessory pockets, and the back of the shoulder straps.

Maximum Convenience and Comfort Fit
The main pocket contains an internal organizer and mesh zippered pockets for easy access to essentials. There are four fixed pockets with removable covers for handgun magazines, multitools, and flashlights. The magazine cover flaps are height-adjustable, marked with height indicators. Additionally, two fixed pockets are specifically designed for AK/AR magazines. The universal, detachable, adjustable H-harness ensures the utmost in wearability and comfort.


  • Spacious central cargo pocket
  • Detachable MOLLE/PALS pockets for medical inserts or other gear
  • Bottom PALS panel for additional pockets/accessories
  • Adjustable waistband
  • YKK® zippers
  • Three loop panels for easy identification: located on the main pocket, connectable accessory pockets, and the back of shoulder straps
  • Dedicated AR magazine inner pockets
  • Main pocket with internal organizer and mesh zippered pockets
  • Four fixed pockets with removable flaps for handgun magazines, multitools, and flashlights
  • Height-adjustable magazine cover flaps with height markers
  • Two fixed pockets for AK/AR magazines
  • Universal, detachable, adjustable H-harness

    Weight 622g
    Material 500D Cordura® Nylon
    EUROPEAN PATENT No 004031789-0003



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