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Helikon Swagman Roll® Multifunctional Lightweight Poncho

Helikon Swagman Roll® Multifunctional Lightweight Poncho

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Helikon Swagman Roll® is a groundbreaking, multi-purpose sleeping bag tailor-made for camping enthusiasts. Crafted from advanced Windpack® nylon with Climashield® Apex™ for thermal insulation, this sleeping bag is not only highly packable and ultra-lightweight but also offers superior thermal protection. It functions as an emergency jacket, sleeping bag, or sleeping bag liner, providing unparalleled warmth in any situation. Additionally, it's designed to serve as a blanket, hammock liner, or even as a standalone warm coat. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for diverse outdoor settings, from mountain camping to urban travel.

  • Versatile design: Can be used as  a sleeping bag, blanket, hammock liner, or can even be worn as a long jacket. Additionally, it pairs seamlessly with the Helikon Poncho, a waterproof, quick-drying poncho/raincoat, for enhanced waterproof protection. 

  • Efficient Thermal Insulation: The combination of a Windpack® nylon outer layer with Climashield® Apex™ for thermal filling results in a product that is not only warm but also lightweight and easily storable.

  • Lightweight and Portable: Its lightweight design makes it effortlessly portable, perfect for camping and travel.

  • Moisture-proof and breathable: Nylon material has excellent breathability and moisture-proof functions, suitable for all kinds of weather.

  • Flexible application: suitable for camping, mountain climbing, traveling, and used in many occasions.

    What advantages does Climashield® Apex have over other fillers?

    Climashield® APEX is a cutting-edge insulation material that sets new standards in weight and thermal efficiency. With over thirty years of manufacturing expertise, it's recognized as the market's lightest and most thermally efficient continuous fiber insulation. Its advantages over other filling materials include:

    • Lightweight: Exceptionally light, it's ideal for outdoor gear and clothing where warmth is essential without the burden of extra weight.
    • High Thermal Efficiency: Offers superior warmth retention, ensuring comfort in extremely cold conditions.
    • Durability: The continuous fiber insulation technology enhances its durability, maintaining thermal performance over time.
    • Moisture Resistance: As a synthetic insulation, it retains a degree of warmth even in damp environments.

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