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Helikon Range Tactical Gloves

Helikon Range Tactical Gloves

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Helikon Range Tactical Gloves® - Shooter's First Choice

Helikon Range Tactical Gloves® integrate the latest technology with ergonomic design, tailored for shooting enthusiasts seeking outstanding performance. These tactical gloves focus on every detail, from material selection to functional design, aimed at enhancing accuracy, comfort, and convenience during shooting for both professional shooters and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

  • Velcro Wrist Adjustment
    Equipped with a Velcro wrist adjustment feature, these gloves allow for quick and easy fitting, ensuring a snug fit in various conditions to enhance shooting stability and accuracy.

  • Paracord Loop Design
    The practical loop design allows users to quickly access the gloves, adapting to various outdoor or tactical training scenarios.

  • High-Quality Breathable Fabric
    Selected high-end breathable fabric ensures dry and comfortable hands after prolonged wear, maintaining optimal performance even under varying weather conditions.

  • Abrasion-Resistant Synthetic Leather Palm
    Provides excellent abrasion resistance and grip, offering steady support whether performing delicate tasks or enduring high-intensity use.

  • Touchscreen Friendly Design
    Enables easy operation of touchscreen devices even while wearing the gloves, meeting the demands of modern shooters using various tech gadgets.

  • Flexible Finger Design
    Designed for dexterity, ensuring ease and comfort during precise operations.

Helikon Range Tactical Gloves® provide ultimate support and protection, ensuring peak performance in any environment. These gloves emphasize functionality while also focusing on wearer comfort and ease of use, making them an ideal choice for shooting and outdoor activity enthusiasts.

Product Specifications:

Item Details
Weight [g] 68
Material 94% Polyester, 6% Elastane
EU Patent Number 005307196-0005
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