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Helikon Poncho waterproof quick-drying poncho/raincoat

Helikon Poncho waterproof quick-drying poncho/raincoat

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Whether you're a camping aficionado or an avid outdoorsman/outdoor worker, the Helikon Poncho Waterproof Quick-Drying Poncho (also known as a Rain Poncho) offers you maximum protection and convenience. Crafted from ripstop polyester, this poncho is thoughtfully designed with snap buttons and metal eyelets for rapid stabilization and the ability to customize the sleeves or join two ponchos together as needed.

Ultra-Lightweight Design
This poncho is light and compact when folded, fitting into a 14 x 22 cm bag after compression. Its portability makes it perfect for travel or camping, ensuring it's always within reach.

High-Quality Material
Constructed from tear-resistant polyester, it effectively prevents rain penetration, and its quick-drying feature allows you to dry off swiftly after a downpour.

Multifunctional Use
Outfitted with snap buttons and metal eyelets, it can be fashioned into sleeves or linked with another poncho, enhancing its practicality.


User-Friendly Design
The hood comes with a rope adjuster for a customizable fit. Additionally, the cape's seams are glued for added reinforcement against the elements.


  • How waterproof is the poncho?
    This poncho is made from ripstop polyester, offering excellent water resistance. All seams are professionally sealed to prevent any rainwater intrusion.

  • What are the unique designs of the poncho?
    The poncho features snap buttons for creating sleeves or connecting two ponchos. It also has a cord-adjustable hood for a snug fit and a dedicated line for stabilization to keep the poncho secure in windy and rainy conditions.

  • What outdoor activities is this poncho suitable for?
    This poncho is perfect for various outdoor activities, including camping, hiking, picnics, music festivals, sporting events, and more. Its lightweight and waterproof design make it a versatile ally against the elements.

  • How should this poncho be cleaned and maintained?
    It is recommended to hand wash the poncho with a mild laundry detergent. Avoid using bleach or tumble dryers. Once dry, fold and store it in a dry place to maintain its condition.

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