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Helikon Mission Bag - Versatile Tactical EDC Bag

Helikon Mission Bag - Versatile Tactical EDC Bag

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The Helikon Mission Bag has evolved from the Rangemaster Bag, offering more comprehensive functionality. Its robust construction ensures it can securely store heavy gear like ammunition and shooting equipment. It also serves as a large EDC (Everyday Carry) organizer bag, meeting all your needs with its sturdy design. Featuring seven well-designed pockets, six of which are external, it addresses all your storage challenges.

  • Multi-Purpose Large Capacity
    The first pocket is a large rectangular compartment with a zipper, containing a simple organizer and soft hook-and-loop fasteners. This ensures your items are neatly stored without clutter.

  • Convenient Side Pocket
    The left square pocket is lined with soft hook-and-loop fasteners and has a zipper, allowing you to access your items quickly and easily.

  • Open Design for Quick Access
    The right side features two open pockets with drawstrings, ideal for storing water bottles, flashlights, etc., for quick access.

  • Flat Rear Pocket
    The flat hook-and-loop pocket on the back is perfect for storing maps or documents, keeping your important papers secure.

  • Flap Pocket for Small Items
    The pocket on the flap is suitable for keys and other small items, making them easily accessible.

  • Flexible Internal Dividers
    The interior is lined with soft hook-and-loop material, compatible with VIS series inserts, and features adjustable dividers for added storage flexibility.

  • Vehicle Attachment Feature
    The bag lid can attach to a car seat, ensuring it stays in place and does not slide around during transport.

  • Stable Rubber Pad
    The rubber stability pad at the bottom ensures the bag remains stable and does not slip under various conditions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1: What are the features of the pocket design?

The Helikon Mission Bag has seven pockets, including a zippered large rectangular compartment, a convenient side pocket, two open pockets, a flat rear pocket, a flap pocket for small items, and flexible internal dividers, ensuring organized storage.

Q2: What is it suitable for?

This bag is perfect for shooting ranges, camping, work, or daily use. Whether carrying shooting equipment or everyday items, the Helikon Mission Bag's versatility and convenience meet all your needs.

Q3: Will it slide when used in a car?

No, it won't. The bag lid can be attached to a car seat to ensure it stays in place. Additionally, the rubber stability pad at the bottom increases stability, keeping the bag secure inside the car.

Q4: Can it handle heavy loads?

Yes, it can. Made from military-grade Cordura material, its sturdy construction can bear the weight of heavy gear and is highly durable.

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