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Helikon Merino Socks: Ideal for Tactical & Hiking Footwear

Helikon Merino Socks: Ideal for Tactical & Hiking Footwear

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These durable Helikon-TEX Merino wool socks are designed specifically for tactical boots and hiking shoes, making them particularly suitable for waterproof footwear. Made from genuine Merino wool, they ensure excellent breathability and comfort for extended wear. The seamless technology combined with an ergonomic cut helps to prevent chafing.

  • Premium Merino Wool Construction
    These durable socks are crafted from genuine Merino wool, offering superior breathability in both cold and hot conditions, ensuring your feet stay comfortable at all times.

  • Non-Constricting Design
    The loose elastic band design of the socks provides a pressure-free experience, maintaining ankle comfort even during prolonged wear, suitable for various outdoor activities and daily wear.

  • Innovative Technology
    Featuring seamless technology and anatomical cut design, these wool socks effectively prevent abrasion and sliding, adapting to your foot shape for optimal comfort during various activities.

  • Reinforced Wear Areas
    Reinforcement at the heel and midfoot not only makes the socks more durable but also provides additional cushioning and protection, reducing foot pressure while you walk.

Weight 98g
Size M [ EU 39-42 ]   /  L [ EU 43-46 ]

79% Wool 18% Nylon 3% Elastane


1. What are the benefits of Helikon's Merino wool?

Helikon-TEX's Merino wool offers exceptional breathability and temperature regulation, ensuring foot comfort in both cold and hot climates. Its superior moisture-wicking ability ensures a stable and comfortable foot environment.

2. What is the purpose of the "pressure-free" design?

The "pressure-free" design refers to the socks' loose elastic band, ensuring comfort without tightness or discomfort during extended wear. This design is particularly beneficial for those engaged in prolonged walking or outdoor activities, promoting blood circulation and enhancing comfort.

3. What are the unique features of the seamless technology and anatomical cut design?

The seamless technology reduces friction and irritation, while the anatomical cut ensures proper support and protection for each part of the foot, especially the arch and heel, enhancing comfort and performance during activities.

4. How does the reinforced wear-resistant design protect the feet?

The reinforced design at the sock's bottom, heel, and arch increases durability, provides extra cushioning and protection, helping to alleviate pressure and fatigue during walking. This design not only makes the socks more durable but also helps protect the feet from excessive wear, especially during long-distance or rugged terrain treks.

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