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Helikon Insert plug-in storage bag

Helikon Insert plug-in storage bag

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The Helikon EDC Insert serves as a storage pouch for your everyday carry essentials such as knives, flashlights, first aid gloves, painkillers, writing tools, and energy bars. The EDC Insert allows you to neatly place these items in their proper spots for easy access at any time. It comes with an adjustable Velcro panel, enabling you to combine it as needed with a versatile insert system. Available in multiple sizes to meet your different needs, the EDC Insert keeps your daily carry items organized and enhances efficiency.
  • Flat pocket
  • Dual zipper mesh pocket
  • Five elastic loops
  • Equipped with a wire loop
  • Compatible with versatile insert systems

This insert is designed to streamline your organization and ensure that your daily essentials are always within reach and neatly arranged.

    Weight 102g
    Dimensions 12 x 14 x 4 cm / 4.7 x 5.5 x 1.6 in
    Material Cordura® Nylon
    EUROPEAN PATENT No 003797513-0001

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