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Helikon TRIP Wallet: For Safe and Portable Travel

Helikon TRIP Wallet: For Safe and Portable Travel

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        Introducing the Helikon TRIP Wallet, a minimalist and secure organizer designed for everyday carry. This wallet is moderately sized and easily concealable under clothing, perfect for tucking into a belt or pocket, ensuring the safety of your valuables. Ideal not just for daily use but also for carrying documents and spare cash during travels. Its internal space is ample for all your daily essentials, and with a special zip closure plus a convenient belt hook, the TRIP Wallet is your worry-free companion.

        • Lightweight and Concealed Design
          The TRIP Wallet features a discreet and practical design, easily hidden under clothing for covert and secure protection of your items.

        • Portable and Secure
          Its compact size is designed for ease of carry, whether clipped to a belt or placed in a pocket, keeping your valuables safe.

        • Practical Capacity
          The wallet’s interior is smartly designed to hold all your daily essentials, including travel documents and cash.

        • Zippered Closure
          Equipped with a zippered closure for added security, preventing items from accidentally slipping out.

        • Belt Hook Design
          Features a belt hook for easy attachment to your waist, enhancing both the security and convenience of carrying.

        • Unique Camouflage Option
          In addition to earth and urban color schemes, this wallet offers a unique camouflage choice.

        Weight 42g
        Dimensions 11 x 16 x 2,5 cm / 4,3 x 6,3 x 1 in
        Material0 Cordura® 500D Nylon

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