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Helikon EDC Mini Wallet

Helikon EDC Mini Wallet

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Helikon EDC Mini Wallet, tailored for those who pursue a minimalist lifestyle. Although compact in size, it's spacious enough to hold credit cards, documents, parking tickets, and a small amount of cash, meeting daily needs. Featuring a minimalist design, it's not space-consuming and is convenient to carry around. The wallet uses a compact Velcro closure to ensure the safety of your belongings, preventing them from slipping out. Whether as a primary or backup wallet, the EDC Mini Wallet is an ideal choice.

  • Compact Design, Convenient for Carrying
    The EDC Mini Wallet features an exquisitely compact design, suitable for carrying in various situations without taking up space, offering simplicity without compromising style.

  • Efficient and Secure Velcro Closure
    Specially designed with a Velcro closure, it is both convenient and secure, ensuring your valuables do not accidentally slip out, keeping them safe at all times.

  • Suitable for Storing Various Items
    Whether it's credit cards, important documents, or cash, the EDC Mini Wallet can easily accommodate them, fulfilling your basic needs for daily outings.

  • Fashionable and Practical
    Combining a sense of fashion with practicality, the EDC Mini Wallet fits the modern urban style while providing multifunctionality for everyday use.

  • Ideal Choice for a Backup Wallet
    As a backup wallet, the EDC Mini Wallet is compact and practical, suitable for use as a convenient storage option in different situations.

  • Unique Camouflage Option
    In addition to earthy and urban color schemes, this wallet also offers a unique camouflage option.

      Weight 20g
      Dimensions 10 x 7 x 1 cm / 4 x 2.8 x 0.4 in
      Material Cordura® 500D Nylon

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