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Helikon EDC Med Kit

Helikon EDC Med Kit

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Helikon EDC Med Kit, a first aid bag designed for everyday use. It features a unique zipper design with two built-in mesh pockets for quick access to essential medical supplies. The bag includes an expandable pocket, particularly suitable for carrying gloves, ensuring personal protection during first aid. This model is lighter than the Mini Med Kit, with added features like an elastic front pocket and parachute cord loops for easy attachment to everyday carry gear. It's equipped with a MOLLE/PALS system, making it compatible with various everyday items like waist packs or chest bags. Please note, this product does not include any medical equipment.

  • Multifunctional Storage Design:
    The bag has three pockets, allowing for neat organization and quick access to all kinds of first aid supplies.

  • Front Elastic Pocket:
    A specially designed elastic pocket for quick access to gloves and other small items enhances convenience.

  • MOLLE/PALS System:
    Equipped with a MOLLE/PALS system for easy attachment to other gear or bags, suitable for various situations.

  • Parachute Cord Loop Design:
    Comes with parachute cord loops for easy hanging on pants or backpacks, increasing portability.

  • High-Quality YKK® Zipper:
    Features a durable YKK® zipper, ensuring the safety and reliability of the first aid bag.

Weight 50g
Dimensions 6 x 11 x 11 cm / 0.39 x 4.33 x 4.33 in
Material 100% Nylon

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