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Double Upper Tactical Rifle Bag 18®

Double Upper Tactical Rifle Bag 18®

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The Helikon Double Upper Rifle Bag is an elite tactical gear bag tailored for professionals, engineered for the secure and convenient transportation of high-precision AR-style rifles and accessories, or it can alternatively accommodate two AR-style short-barreled rifles (SBR) or AK rifles. The bag integrates ergonomic design with spatial efficiency, ensuring supreme comfort and convenience whether carried by its robust handles or concealable shoulder straps. It features three highly functional external pockets, integrating the Versatile Insert System (VIS), to provide optimal storage for various accessories and small items. The main compartment is meticulously designed with adjustable elastic straps and specialized fixation devices to secure the stability and safety of weapons and accessories during transport.

  • Multi-functional Carry Handles
    The multi-functional carry handles are devised for versatility across environments, facilitating a broad spectrum of outdoor and tactical endeavors, offering options for hand or shoulder carrying.

  • Adjustable Concealable Shoulder Straps
    Tailored for adaptability, the shoulder straps offer modes for backpack-style or entirely stowed carrying, enhancing user comfort and convenience across varied transit conditions.

  • Functional External Pockets
    Outfitted with three distinct and purposeful external pockets, each accommodating the VIS panels, these pockets allow personalized configurations, streamlining the storage and accessibility of miscellaneous items and gear.

  • Professional Main Compartment
    The spacious main compartment is explicitly designed for the safe carriage of AR lower assemblies and dual upper assemblies or dual AK/SBRs, ensuring the utmost stability and protection of weapons during transit.

  • Elastic Straps and Specialized Fixation Devices
    The inclusion of targeted elastic straps and fixation devices, conceived for organizing and securing cleaning tools and maintenance accessories, ensures orderly and accessible storage.

  • Integrated Tie-Down Safety System
    An innovative tie-down system within the bag guarantees weapon stability, preventing any shift or impact during movement, especially suited for dynamic terrains or rapid transit, offering enhanced protection.

  • Easily Identifiable Velcro ID Panel
    Equipped with a conspicuous Velcro ID panel, it allows for swift recognition and segregation of gear in team contexts, boosting efficiency and user-friendliness.
Weight 2770g
Dimensions 101 x 38 x 4 cm/ 39.8 x 15 x 1.6 in
Material 500D Cordura® Nylon
EUROPEAN PATENT No 003146869-0004

Q1: What types of weapons can the Helikon shoulder-carried tactical gun bag accommodate?
A1: It is designed for AR-style rifles and accessories, also fitting two AR-style SBRs or AK rifles, offering versatile storage solutions.

Q2: What are the carrying features of the gun bag?
A2: It includes multi-functional handles and adjustable, concealable straps, enabling various comfortable carrying options.

Q3: What is the function of the Versatile Insert System (VIS) panels?
A3: The VIS panels provide organizational flexibility, allowing for customized pocket arrangements to store and access gear efficiently.

Q4: How is the stability and safety of weapons during transport ensured?
A4: Adjustable straps and fixation devices within the main compartment ensure secure and stable transport of weapons and accessories.

Q5: Is the gun bag convenient for team collaboration?
A5: Yes, the identifiable Velcro ID panel aids in quick gear identification and differentiation in team settings, enhancing collaborative efficiency.

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