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Helikon Double Upper Tactical Rifle Bag 18®

Helikon Double Upper Tactical Rifle Bag 18®

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Helikon Double Upper Tactical Rifle Bag 18® is a high-end tactical gear bag designed for professionals. It is specifically crafted to safely and conveniently transport high-precision AR-style rifles and their accessories or to simultaneously accommodate two AR-style short-barreled rifles (SBRs) or AK rifles. Combining ergonomic and space-efficient design principles, it offers excellent comfort and convenience whether carried by the sturdy handles or the stowable shoulder straps. It features three highly functional external pockets supporting the Versatile Insert System (VIS), providing excellent storage space for various accessories and small items. The main compartment is thoughtfully designed with adjustable elastic bands and dedicated fasteners to ensure the stability and safety of weapons and accessories during transport.

  • Multifunctional Carry Handle
    Expertly designed multifunctional carry handle suitable for various environments, allowing for hand-carry or shoulder-carry to meet the needs of a wide range of outdoor activities or tactical missions.

  • Adjustable Concealable Shoulder Straps
    Flexible shoulder straps can be adjusted to user needs, offering backpack-style or fully stowed carrying options to enhance comfort and convenience in various transport scenarios.

  • Functional External Pockets
    Equipped with three independent and functional external pockets, each featuring the Versatile Insert System panels, allowing users to customize the setup for efficient storage and organization of small items.

  • Professional Main Compartment Design
    The main compartment is spacious, designed for securely carrying an AR lower receiver and two upper receivers or two AK/SBRs. Its internal structure is meticulously designed to ensure the stability and protection of weapons throughout transit.

  • Elastic Bands and Dedicated Fasteners
    Comes with specialized elastic bands and fasteners designed for maintaining order and accessibility of cleaning tools and maintenance accessories.

  • Built-in Strap Safety System
    Innovative built-in strap system ensures no movement or collision of weapons during transport, especially suitable for use in varied terrain or rapid movement, providing enhanced security for your equipment.

  • Easy-to-Identify Velcro ID Panel
    Equipped with an easy-to-identify Velcro ID panel, enabling quick identification and distinction of individual gear during teamwork, enhancing efficiency and convenience.


Weight 2770g
Dimensions 101 x 38 x 4 cm / 39.8 x 15 x 1.6 in
Material 500D Cordura® Nylon
European Patent No 003146869-0004

Q1: What types of weapons can the Helikon Shoulder-Carry Tactical Rifle Bag accommodate?
A1: The Helikon Tactical Rifle Bag is designed to accommodate AR-style rifles and their accessories. It can also hold two AR-style short-barreled rifles (SBRs) or AK rifles, offering flexible storage options to meet various user needs.

Q2: What are the carrying features of this rifle bag?
A2: This rifle bag features a multifunctional carry handle and adjustable concealable shoulder straps, allowing users to choose between hand-carry or shoulder-carry based on personal preference and environmental needs for optimal comfort and convenience.

Q3: What is the purpose of the Versatile Insert System (VIS) panels?
A3: The VIS panels enhance the bag's storage flexibility and organization, allowing users to customize the setup of these external pockets for easy storage and retrieval of various small items and accessories.

Q4: How is the stability and safety of weapons ensured during transport?
A4: The main compartment of the bag includes adjustable elastic bands and dedicated fasteners designed to securely hold weapons and accessories, minimizing movement or collision during transport to protect your gear.

Q5: Is the rifle bag convenient for team collaboration?
A5: Yes, the rifle bag is equipped with an easy-to-identify Velcro ID panel, enabling each team member to quickly locate and distinguish their gear, improving operational efficiency and convenience during teamwork.

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