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Helikon DEFENDER Tactical Safety Belt: Quick Release System

Helikon DEFENDER Tactical Safety Belt: Quick Release System

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The Helikon DEFENDER Safety Belt®, an external tactical belt designed for military and security personnel, is 50mm wide and provides superior support and reliability . The belt is equipped with a Duraflex® quick-release buckle , which has a unique three-point fastening system to ensure quick release and prevent accidental release . There is a special plaid system (Velcro panel) on the inside of the belt to further stabilize the magazine pouch and prevent it from moving on the belt. An inner strap is also included to further stabilize the main waist belt system.

  • High-strength material: Made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and comfort.

  • Quick-release Duraflex® buckles: Professionally designed buckles for safety and quick operation.

  • Internal stabilization system: The checkered design on the inside of the waistband effectively secures equipment and prevents slipping.

  • Compatible with a variety of equipment: suitable for a variety of magazine pouches and holsters.

  • Easy to adjust and put on: The included inner strap makes the main belt system more stable and easy to adjust.

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